Volume 44

                                                                                               September  2014  

 art with science

to create
healing, hope
and health


 Coming Events 


Our Holiday Trees to support those cancer warriors


Our Blue Dot Pins will be offered to all


Events with 

Castilleja Girls School and Palo Alto High School  


New doors are open to all of us

Beautiful fall colors

Back to school  for some
- starting school  for others

Stanford Football

The football season starts




Open door
New  open doors of possibilities
are all around 

Blue Dot Ornament
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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

 Dear Friends, 


      The fall season is now in full swing. New classes for the students, new and creative ideas for business, and new and exciting medical doors of discovery are opening up each day.

      We live in a very important time in history. New ideas and discoveries are there for all of us if we only open up those doors.

     As you begin your fall season, may many new, interesting and meaningful doors be opened to you.


           Until Next Time... 
                 Comments or questions email: sue@mybluedots.org                                       

will be

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New doors are open for all of us


The fall season is a time to shine.


The colorful trees, the harvest moon


Excites your soul and mind.



School begins; we're back to work


New ideas are all around.


Football starts so we can all cheer


For our favorite team in town.



It's a new beginning for all of us


Time to open a brand new door.


To move ahead, to take a risk,


Doing things we've not done before.



Fall is also the harvest season


We can now reap what we have sown.


Opening new doors in our lives


For each of us has grown...



Grown wiser in how we spend our time


How we spend our talents and treasure too.


So enjoy this beautiful, colorful fall season


And may new doors open up for you.



Sue McCollum





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Our Blue Dot Pin Stories
offering hope, healing, and health  

This month we honor cancer warrior, Ken Johnson. Ken has been a member of the Guest Services "Red Coats" at Stanford University since 1999. He is well liked by everyone and provides exceptional game-day guest service to those who sit in the Stanford Stadium Skybox during football season 


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