Volume 42

                                                                                               July 2014  

 art with science

to create
healing, hope
and health

A Celebration of 
Skating for a Cure
June 29, 2014
The Skaters  

Amgelikah Chun 
Sue McCollum, Amanada Koong,
Olivia Chen, Marketing Director for My Blue Dots 

Doctors working 
day and night 

My Blue Dot Pins  

"I wear the My Blue Dot pin because Skating for the Cure brought us one little step closer to finding cure, and further inspired me to become a cancer researcher."


          Anna Kirillova, 17

Palo Alto High School

Palo Alto, CA.


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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

 Dear Friends, 


This month we again honor and salute the doctors, nurses, and medical staff that are always there to care for us. Sometimes it is long-term care, other times it is an emergency situation, but how grateful we are to know they are always there.


The poem this month was inspired by a friend who recently had this emergency experience. I share this story with you as another way to give our thanks to those men and women who choose the field of medicine. They are there both day and night to care for us.


We would also like to thank Amanda Koong and the very talented skaters for the delightful skating event they did to honor Amanda's grandmother as well as to raise money for cancer research for My Blue Dots. Thank you all for your support of this event. It was a delightful day enjoyed by all who were there. 


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Always There




In very great pain I seem to be

What in the world is going on with me?


I'll leave my work and to the doctor I'll go

For a scan of my body will then show...


Just what the problem seems to be

'Acute appendicitis' the doctor said to me.


Not back to work, my face I did show

But to the hospital I now must go.


A morphine drip to ease my pain

Surgery at midnight - this is insane!


How life can change at the turn of a screw

But it can happen to me as well as to you.


So very thankful I am for great medical care,

From those doctors and nurses that are always there.


Providing medical treatments both night and day

To those in pain who have nothing to say.


So I salute these doctor's and their team

For the work the do which is very rarely seen,


They're medically talented but have a heart for others,

Caring night and day for their sisters and brothers.


I thank you for all being there for me

You're the unsung hero's in so many lives, I now see.



Sue McCollum







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