Volume 43

                                                                                               Aug. 2014  

 art with science

to create
healing, hope
and health

Blue Dot Ornament
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Chihuly Chandelier
Tre Stella Di Lapislazzuli


 "Some pieces are round, others that poke"
It  hangs in this atrium to inspire creative thoughts in  many.

It took hours to connect 2,071 pieces to the steel frame.


 Branches on Bryant


My Blue Dots and Camp Kesem

providing healing, hope and health for those cancer warriors


Camp Kesem
Biking on Bryant St. between the Branches on Bryant. in Palo Also

Camp Kesem
Camp Kesem counselors decorating the Branches on Bryant  to bring awareness to our community

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Camp Kesem  

 Camp Kesem recognizes and embraces the often overlooked population of children affected by a parent's cancer. 

Camp Kesem empowers college student leaders nationwide to create free, life-changing summer camps for children affected by a parent's cancer.

www. campkesem.org

    Message from
               Sue McCollum

 Dear Friends, 


       Summer is the time to travel and visit new places. If your journey takes you to the Bay Area be sure to stop by the Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research building on the Stanford Campus to enjoy the beautiful Chihuly Chandelier that was gifted to Stanford by the Friends of My Blue Dots. This was created to honor all cancer warriors as well as be an inspiration to those who work in the building. 


      If you are biking in the Palo Alto area you will also enjoy the Branches on Bryant, on the bike path on Bryant St. It is decorated with blue dot ornaments made by the campers at Camp Kesem. This is a camp run by Stanford students for children whose parents have cancer. Together we are honoring all those who wear the blue dots and we thank those at Camp Kesem for providing these decorations. 



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Chihuly Chandelier




The Chihuly Chandelier is a magnificent piece


Made by loving and caring folks.


They've created the pattern, blown the glass


Some pieces round and others that poke.




Each piece alone is beautiful to see


But it's also very strong indeed.


It will grace this atrium and will inspire so many


Planting creative thoughts that will grow like a seed.




It took hours to install this magnificent piece


For the team must be precise.


To connect each piece to the steel frame


Is not just a roll of the dice.




But after they're in place it is a treat to the eye


And breathtaking it will always be


Combining art with science for healing, hope and health


Will bless thousands - not just you and me.


Sue McCollum



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"My Blue Dots not only inspires hope; it provides the basis for hope by funding cancer research. That is way I wear this pin." 

Tiffany Symmes 

with Sue McCollum


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