Volume 39

                                                                                                   April  2014  

 art with science

to create
healing, hope
and health

Fantasy Ball 

Cancer is a disease that has touched all of us so with grateful and thankful hearts, we thank each of you for supporting our Fantasy Ball this year. 

Our mission continues to be to support cancer research as well as those cancer warriors and thanks to your generous donations we will continue with this mission. 

My Blue Dots
Eco Bags

Sturdy enough to hold 44 pounds
 eco Bag folded
Small enough to fit into you purse
2" by 4" 
Shopping on Telegraph Hill 
San Francisco, Ca.  
 My Blue Dots Pins


"Most patients show me their blue dots pin when they

have completed treatment. I congratulate them and show them my blue dots pin. I tell them I wear the pin to show my support and their fight against cancer." 


Adrienne Deadmond

Clinical Assistant II

Stanford Cancer Center     

Radiation Therapy Dept. 

Blue Dot Ornament
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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

 Dear Friends, 


     Did you know that plastic bags and single paper bags are a huge threat to our environment? They fill our landfills and interfere with our ecosystems. To help protect our

beautiful planet My Blue Dots has created a limited edition Eco Bag. Our Eco Bags rollup and are small enough to carry in your purse, but large enough to carry forty-four pounds of items.

     Proceeds from our bags support our mission to fight cancer through research, cancer care programs and patient support. We envision a world free of cancer and believe that together, one bag at a time, we can fund a cure for cancer as well as reduce our collective environmental waste.

     We thank Whole Foods Market, in Palo Alto, Ca.for carrying our bags. You may also find them on our website at: www.mybluedots.org


           Until Next Time... 
                 Comments or questions email: sue@mybluedots.org                                       

will be

                               CURED sometime
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Our Eco Bags




To celebrate our wonderful world


Is what we want to do.


Earth Day is a reminder of


How precious our planet is too.



Stewards we are of this magnificent earth


So we must care for it, that's true.


To not destroy this beautiful planet


That was created for me - and you.



So to help in this task we've created


An eco bag as you shop each day.


One you can use many times


And never have to throw it away.



It will hold forty-four pounds of items,


But folds up so very small,


So you can always have it with you


At the grocery or at the mall.



Our Eco bags protect our environment


But another thing they also do,


Is give the proceeds from these eco bags


To support cancer research too.



Sue McCollum







To learn more about My Blue Dots 

Support Cancer Research by purchasing our Eco Bags for yourself, for friends or your family
Also sold at:
Whole Foods Market
774 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA 94301 

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