Volume 36

                                                                                                   January 2014 

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healing, hope
and health

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A New Year -  A
New Look 

Radiation/Oncology Waiting Room. Stanford School of Medicine


The My Blue Dots Case with the three Dale Chihuly Vases honoring those going through their treatments.

Sue McCollum and Dale Chihuly 
enjoying lunch at Christine's  in Sun Valley, Idaho in Dec.  


Why are we called
My Blue Dots?

Before you go through radiation for cancer, you are tattooed with blue dots. These blue dots mark where the radiation beams go into
your body to kill the cancer. 

Blue Dot Ornament

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

 Dear Friends,


      A New Year brings a New Look  to the Radiation/Oncology Dept. at the Stanford School of Medicine waiting room. My Blue Dots has a display case with Three Vases, by renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly, to honor those going through this time in their lives. 

     This Newsletter also has a link to all of our Newsletters for this past year. We had a computer problem and many of you have not been receiving our Newsletters so we have included a link for you to catch up. Newsletter #29 will 'show and tell' the results of our No-Event Gala last year and Newsletter #34 will show the beautiful Blue Dots trees we did this year.  

     We look forward to many new chapters in our Blue Dots book this year and may your book of life also be full of new and interesting opportunities. 


           Until Next Time... 

will be

                               CURED sometime
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A New Year - A New Look


I told Dale Chihuly about the blue dots ornaments,

So very many years ago.

This creative man with a big heart

Loved the ornament that, to him, I did show.


He liked what the blue dots stood for

And how supporting cancer research we do,

But he also had great compassion on

What the cancer warriors go through.


We said, "Good bye" and he went back home

But six weeks later I did hear...

From his assistant, who called to say,

"Dale has a gift for My Blue Dots this year."


He never said a word or made a promise

But just sent these three blue dot vases to me.

To honor those who wear the blue dots

Now all those at Stanford can see...


How these blue dots vases in the R/O Dept.

Have been carefully placed right there,

To show that art brings hope, healing, and health,

And for the cancer warriors we do care.



Sue McCollum





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