Volume 34

                                                                                                  December 2013 

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

To Honor the Cancer Warriors

Radiation Oncology Department
Stanford Hospital
Stanford, Ca.

To Support those Doing Research
Stanford Cancer Institute
Stem Cell Building 
Stanford Medical Center 
Stanford, Ca.

A Meaningful Holiday Gift to buy 

Neiman Marcus Tree
Stanford Shopping Center
Stanford, Ca.

To Inform and Honor those Cancer Warriors

  Christmas tree at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club

Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club 
Menlo Park, Ca. 

Why are we called
My Blue Dots?

Before you go through radiation for cancer, you are tattooed with blue dots. These blue dots mark where the radiation beams go into
your body to kill the cancer. 

Blue Dot Ornament

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum

 Dear Friends,


As we celebrate this Christmas season, our My Blue Dots  Christmas Trees are now in place.  Our Trees are supporting, visually, our mission by supporting the cancer warriors as well as encouraging and supporting those who are doing research to find a cure for cancer.


This Christmas season, the season of giving, we are again  supporting each of these groups.....those cancer warriors going through their treatments as well as those doing the research.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Neiman Marcus, at the Stanford Shopping Center, for offering our ornaments to those who would like to honor their loved one with this beautiful ornament of blown glass art. (see below)

As a small non-profit, we are making progress in both supporting our chosen research projects and programs as well as supporting the cancer warriors. Thanks to people like you.

           Until Next Time... 

will be

                               CURED sometime
       Logo  why not NOW?



The Christmas Season



Our trees are now all in place

Supporting the things that we do.

Radiation/Oncology to encourage cancer warriors 

And support what they're going through 


To champion those doing research

Another tree graces the lobby of...

The Cancer Institute at Stanford

To support researchers - doing what they love.


Neiman Marcus for the fourth year

Also has supported our cause,

Offering ornaments to those who shop there

Supporting us just because...


We all want to cure cancer.

For that is our greatest goal,

So we support each other during this time

So cancer will not take its toll.


We want to acknowledge Sharon Heights  

For many years they have had our tree,

To call to attention to their members

That many others are not cancer free.


So during this Christmas season,

When we think of how we do give,

We continue with our mission statement

Giving back so people can live.



  Sue McCollum





If you live in the area, stop by Neiman Marcus at the  
Stanford Shopping Center, Stanford, CA

Purchase our ornaments, gifted wrapped, tied with a blue dot ribbon and the My Blue Dot poem on the gift card.

They are offering free shipping during the holidays.

You can also order your ornament by calling 
Stanford Shopping Center

All of the proceeds from this sale will be given to  
My Blue Dots

To learn more about My Blue Dots 

We thank you for your interest and support in
to donate on line, click here. 
My Blue Dots is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization 
Tax ID #20-5469956
to donate by check, mail to: 
My Blue Dots 
P.O. Box 60725 
Palo Alto, Ca. 94306