Volume 32                                  
                                                               October 2013 

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health


Ah, baseball
to hit that curve ball you must:   

Keep your eye on the ball

Here comes that curve ball!

 Zach Baseball 2  

Concentrate - you can hit it!

"Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world." 
                  Babe Ruth

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    Message from
               Sue McCollum
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 Dear Friends,


As we come to the end of the baseball season, it seems to me that to be successful in baseball as well as in life there are many similar traits needed. Both life and baseball require time to grow and learn, patience with ourselves and in the things we do, perseverance, that never give up attitude, purposefulness, endurance and determination.  


In life, as well as in baseball we will all have those fast pitches and those curve balls thrown our way. So when it is your time at bat, may you stay focused and hit that curve ball out of the park. 

           Until Next Time... 

will be

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Curve Ball




Life will always throw you a curve ball


I've seen this all my life.


But you must be able to hit that ball


Or you'll end up in turmoil and strife.




Life is not a steady smooth ride


For anyone that I know,


Everyone gets a curve ball thrown in


For that's what makes us grow.




We can strike out and grumble at that pitch


And stay in that awful place


Or know that's just the way of life


And put a smile upon our face.




Curve balls are thrown at all of us


And one will be thrown at you too,


So be prepared when this curve ball comes


And don't let it destroy you.




Sue McCollum






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