Volume 31                                   
                                                               September 2013 

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health


Hot, Smoky, hard to breath

A firestorm all around

The structure still stands 

I will survive

New growth and beauty
will come back

There will be clean, fresh air, once again

Photos of this Firestorm were taken by
Linda Potter and Sue McCollum

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               Sue McCollum
Sue & Ornament

 Dear Friends,


Spending time in the mountains this summer and experiencing the horrific Beaver Creek Fire first hand  has caused me to think of how nature  mirrors our life and what firestorms we all must pass through.



Cancer can be one of those firestorms; horrific, devastating, and like the thick, dark smoke, at times hard to breath. But eventually it is over, and the experience has caused us to stop and re-evaluate and to view life in a new and different way.

Thus, this Newsletter is to honor and salute all those who have gone through a firestorm or are in the middle of their personal firestorm  - a place of great challenge. Know that this too shall pass, the sun will again appear and new growth will soon take root and grow, and there will be clean fresh air once again.



                      Until Next Time........

will be

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We all have or will experience fires in our lives

For that's how life does go.

The fires do differ for all of us

But we'll all experience a fire I know.


It's frightening and scary for we do not know

How intense this fire will be.

How much will it burn and destroy

Is something we cannot see.


A divorce, a death, a horrid disease

Are some of the fires we go through.

These fires will change things all around

And it will make you a brand new you.


Time it will take to re-seed and grow

But new green growth will appear.

And the lessons we've learned from this horrific fire

Will no longer fill us with fear.



Sue McCollum






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