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                                                              May/June 2013 

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Our No Event
My Blue Dots Gala

Sue McCollum, Dr. Albert Koong, Dr. Quynh-Thu Le

Check for $24,175.00

Dr. Sarah Donaldson, Dr. Albert Koong, Dr. Quynh-Thu Le,
Dr. Amato Giaccia

  The Celebration
The Anniversary Celebration
Photos by:
Doug Cody for Bay Area Event Photography 

Dr. Quynh-Thu Le speaks about My Blue Dots

"The annual payout from My Blue Dots Fund has been instrumental for Dr. Koong to establish a robust translational research program in GI Oncology...that has allowed him to pursue 'high- risk, high-reward" projects that would not normally be supported by traditional mechanism.

Dr. Koong is a model teacher and the most sought-after mentor in our department. But most importantly, he is a superb physician-scientist, internationally renown not only for his research and clinical expertise, but the wonderful care he provides to his patients and the innovation he has integrated into such care."   


Dr. Quynh-Thu Le  


Dr. Quynh-Thu Le, MD, FACR Professor and Chair 
Department of Radiation Oncology Stanford University



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Message from
               Sue McCollum
Sue & Ornament

 Dear Friends,


     In the month of May we celebrated the13th Anniversary of My Blue Dots. We also celebrated the outcome of our wonderful No Event My Blue Dots Gala supporting the research of Dr. Albert Koong. It is not only a time of celebration but a time to say thank you to all who supported us and our Gala and to inform you as to progress we are making.


   Today the My Blue Dot Fund, for cancer research, market value is $422,539 and this year, from this fund, we were able to make a gift to Dr. Koong of $23,815. to continue to support his work in cancer research. Over the years we have given Dr. Koong $181.000 for his work as well as $20,000. in direct, expendable gifts. Thanks to you, our supporters, Dr. Koong has said, "I am certain that without these funds, I would not have been able to build an independently funded translational research program.  I can directly attribute the growth of my research program with the support from the Blue Dot Fund." 


     From the donations to our No Event My Blue Dots Gala, we are pleased to add to this Fund a check of $24,175.00 bringing the market value of this My Blue Dot Fund to nearly a half of a million dollars.


     We are grateful and thankful for each of these "gifts from the heart" during this difficult and challenging time economically. I also want to thank my team who has worked so hard in supporting our My Blue Dots No Event Gala to raise funds to support our dream of a world free of cancer.



                      Until Next Time........

will be

                               CURED sometime
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Thank You



Life is not done all alone

This we know is true.

It's also true with My Blue Dots

We would not exist without you.


You have stepped up to support us

In many different ways.

With your time, talents, and treasure

And for us you also do pray.


Each thing is very important

So I want to acknowledge you,

To thank you and to tell the world

How you have helped us too.


This list has grown from a very few

To a much larger list today,

And it will continue to grow and change

For the Dots grows day by day.


So I want to thank each one of you

For the support you've given to me.

For we know someday in the very near future,

This world will be cancer free.



Sue McCollum





Information about the
No Event My Blue Dots Gala

     The donations from our No Event My Blue Dots Gala
came from 94 different families from these 12 states - N.J., Illinois, Alabama, Hawaii, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, South Dakota, Missouri and of course, California. Most of these families are not connected to Stanford but support My Blue Dots and our mission of curing cancer.