Volume 28
                                                              April 2013 

 art with science

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healing, hope
and health

We want YOUR story        
We are honoring cancer warriors this month with inspirational quotes and photos.

Please send us a quote as well as your photo then look for it on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.
Your story will be an inspiration to others. 

Sue Reading  
"Cancer will NOT conquer me"
                          Sue McCollum 
Send photo and quote to:

Our No Event
My Blue Dots Gala

Whipping Cream
Some cooked with their Grandchildren

The invitation

Reading at home
Some just stayed home and read a good book


How did you spend your No-Event evening?

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Message from
               Sue McCollum
Dear Friends, Sue & Ornament
Thank you for supporting our No-Event My Blue Dot Gala. It was fun to plan and I am sure so many of your enjoyed spending the evening at home with family or friends. Next month we will be honoring cancer warriors as well as presenting Dr. Koong with your donations to continue his research.

We look back and say thank you for supporting cancer research and now we are looking forward honoring and supporting our cancer warriors. In the month ahead we will be doing this on our Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram with their quote and photo.

We do appreciate you and your continued support of My Blue Dots.

                      Until Next Time........

will be

                               CURED sometime
       Logo  why not NOW?


Our No Event Gala



Our Gala was a big success,


Because of people like you.


Who are concerned about those with cancer


And how we can help them too.



It seems cancer today is like the flu


It has no boundaries at all.


If you are young, old, or middle aged


Often cancer will come to call.



We've had enough of this disease


So together we all do stand,


The research that you now have supported


Will resound throughout the land.



So I thank each of you so very much


Who have supported our Gala this year.


For curing cancer must e done


So cancer we no longer will fear.




Sue McCollum





 Events in May

Honoring our Cancer Warriors

 My Blue Dots Anniversary Celebration
Presenting your donations to
Dr. Albert Koong

Dr. Albert Koong