Volume 27
                                                              March 2013 

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health


for the

My Blue Dots Gala

Making Plans with one of my donors

Ah, what to wear?

Committee working
Addressing invitations 

  All Dressed up
I'm ready

Hope the food will be good


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Message from
               Sue McCollum
Dear Friends, Sue & Ornament
The cancer research that is being done at the School of Medicine at Stanford University, as well as at other Universities, will forever change how this disease is treated and how it will eventually be eradicated. My Blue Dots is honored to support this research and those who have dedicated their lives to cure this devastating disease.

This month we are preparing for the My Blue Dots Gala with the purpose of supporting this exciting research. One of the doctors we support, Dr. Albert Koong has documented in this attached My Blue Dot letter how his research has benefited from the support of My Blue Dots. (Click on MBD letter to read)

We hope you will participate with us in this Gala and thank you in advance for your continued support of of My Blue Dots.

                      Until Next Time........

will be

                               CURED sometime
       Logo  why not NOW?





A Gala, a party, a unique event,


An opportunity to dress up and have fun.


All to support a cause we believe in


For support is how things get done.




So a Gala we've been working on


To support cancer research today,


For great strides are being made in research


To finally put cancer at bay.




So an invitation you'll soon receive


And we look forward to your reply,


For it will be an event like no other


And you'll embrace it was a big sigh.




So our Gala has a dual purpose


And we're looking forward to it too,


For all the donations will go to research


And it will also be a great evening for you.




Sue McCollum


Invitations are on the way!



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A My Blue Dots Gala this Spring

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Our My Blue Dots Anniversary Celebration

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