Volume 26
                                                              February 2013 

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Healing, Hope, Health
Hope, Healing, Health


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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends, Sue & Ornament  

Did you know that 80% communication is non-verbal communication?  Thus, this month we are talking about the impact and the importance of symbols in our lives.

A symbol can take us back to an old memory or can remind us of something new but a symbol does speak volumes to me as well as to you.

The three dots of the My Blue Dots symbol has many messages to give. It's a powerful symbol to all who wear the dots, as well as those going through their cancer experience.

So, we wear these blue dots as a badge of courage for symbolically they do say, " I've finished this horrific cancer experience and now go on my way."

                      Until Next Time........

will be

                               CURED sometime
       Logo  why not NOW?





It's as important as the written word

The symbols we all do see,

For its image does speak volumes

To you as well as to me.


The hearts we see in February

Symbolically speaks to us too,

For they symbolize love to us all

And they do say, " I love you."


The Nike check reminds us -

Not of the clothing that they sell,

But it symbolically says, "Just Do It",

And those they sponsor do it well.


Yes, symbols do speak volumes

And our three dots speak volumes too.

Hope, health, and healing are number one,

Cancer - cured - now - is number two.


We're proud of our three-dot symbol,

For curing cancer we all want to do.

United we are patient, doctor and staff,

So we're proud of this symbol too.



Sue McCollum




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