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healing, hope
and health

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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends, Sue & Ornament  

As we move into the brand new year
we all set New Years Resolutions. It is
a time to not only look back but to also look forward deciding where we want to be and what we would like to achieve in this new year.

Our New Years Resolution is the same as it has been for many years. We continue to combine art with science to create healing, hope and health. We do this by:

            Honoring those who wear the blue dots.
            Informing others what the blue dots are
            Giving back to cancer research

Our goal is to have a world FREE of cancer in our lifetime...so we press on.

This year we are embellishing our mission statement with several new projects and we will keep you informed about those projects with this Newsletter as well as with our Facebook page - mybluedots

Thank you for your continued support and interest in My Blue Dots and we wish you a very Healthy, Happy New Year.  
                      Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?


Honor - Inform - Give



As we begin another New Year


Back to the basics we will go.


To honor, to inform and to give back


Is what we do and know.



We Honor those who wear the blue dots


Marking where the radiation would go,


Into their body to kill that cancer


So it could no longer grow.



We Inform others what the dots stand for


And encourage them along their way,


With information, art and our love


To help them through this day.



We Give Back to research being done at Stanford


For new cures they're discovering each day,


Ways to eliminate this disease


For cancer will not have its say.



So this New Year we will continue


To honor, to inform and to give,


For curing cancer is our goal


So those with cancer can live.




Sue McCollum









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