Volume 24

 art with science

to create

healing, hope
and health

The Holiday Sparkle

Neiman Marcus Tree

Our beautiful Blue Dot Tree
Neiman Marcus
Stanford Shopping Center 

Rims and Goggles
Rims and Goggles Optical Boutique
San Francisco
Five years in their window!

Stanford Tree
The Stanford Tree
 Palo Alto, CA. 

Can you see his blue dot ornament?

Park City
Ornament in Park City, Utah

Lorry I Lokey Stem Cell Bldg. Stanford University

The My Blue Dot tree was placed
there to honor those who work there



Ornament-Menlo Park, CA.

Tucked in with Santa
 Menlo Park, CA.

Holiday Tree

At the printing of this Newsletter, we've almost reached our goal!

Thanks to each of you.  


Blue Dot Ornament

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Message from
           Sue McCollum
Dear Friends, Sue & Ornament                   

As we say goodbye to this year, I would like to thank each of you for your support of My Blue Dots.


Last month we asked you to send a photo of your blue dot ornament so we could connect the dots around the country. They have been a delight to see and we have been posting them on our Facebook page My Blue Dots. Thank you for sending them.

Please continue to send them to us at sue@mybluedots.org.


We also asked you to send us stories about your blue dot experience and we thank you for doing that. We look forward to continuing to receive these so they may be an encouragement to others. Email your story to: info@mybluedots.org.


We had a goal, at the beginning of the month, to sell 100  ornaments by December 25th. If you have been following  My Blue Dots on Facebook, you will know that we have nearly reached that goal and we thank you for helping us achieve this goal. Individual ornaments were sold as well as some who bought in quantity to give to their fellow workers, business associates, family members and friends.


Finally, I appreciate and would like to thank those who made  

a donation to support My Blue Dots. The war against cancer rages on, but we continue to support research and encourage those going through this challenge and we will win the battle.


During this Holiday Season, as the Christian community celebrates the birth of Christ and the Jewish community celebrates Hanukkah may you, whatever your faith, enjoy the blessings of this season.   


                      Until Next Time........

      CANCER will be
                           CURED sometime
not NOW?


One Gift



If I had just one gift to give


You know what that would be?


The gift would be that this old world


Would now be cancer free.




Polio we have conquered


Years ago the black plague too,


Now cancer is on the radar screen


And soon with cancer we'll be through.




So this holiday season, please join me


And envision a world that is cancer free.


Free of that horrid, dreadful disease


That has affected both you and me.



Yes, cancer will be conquered


And free again we will be


For we'll never give up the battle


And this world will be cancer free.




Sue McCollum





We're almost there! 
Thank you for helping us reach our goal....
100 ornaments by Dec. 25!

We also thank those who have sold our ornaments. 

LaBelle Day Spas and Salons in Town and Country Village,
Palo Alto, CA.
 LaBelle Day Spas and Salons 3 Stanford Shopping Center, Stanford, CA.
 Neiman Marcus Stanford Shopping Center
Stanford, CA.



No fancy party to go to,
No cocktail chatter to do,
But many of you did support our work
And we all do thank you.   


If you would like to make a donation,
click here
My Blue Dots

or send your check to

My Blue Dots
P.O. Box 60725
Palo Alto, Ca. 94036 
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