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Happy Valentine's Day & other February Celebrations

Considering February is the shortest month, there is a lot to celebrate. We've had the Grammy's.  Oh, the costumes! Academy Awards & President's Day are coming soon.  It's Black History Month. And, of course this is Valentine's Day tomorrow.


I have a few reasons to celebrate St. Valentine's Day.  For one it's my niece elder's s birthday; another, I have a sweetheart. I remain a romantic in my own muted Pantone Marsala, old wine way.  But as a color enthusiast I am

Seeing Red
My newest CEU Color Psychology & Perception was a hit in Florida last month.  The discussion about Red certainly energized the audience. Red is the hottest color, the most primary of primaries.  It excites & stimulates.  Here are some excerpts from the presentation.

Seeing RED 

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