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I celebrated a lot from Thanksgiving through the New Year with colleagues, friends and family.  Some were familiar traditions like Christmas Eve with my college roommate and her clan.  Others, especially New Year's Eve with my boyfriend's clan, were new experiences. Bringing in the New Year with toddlers and teens joining their parents in celebration was a first for me!

While the parties are over what lingers are the glances into a rear view mirror of time ... looking behind us to see what is coming ahead. Certainly the balance between tradition and technology, past and present will continue to hang in the balance, if you will, in 2015 creating an interesting present. I hope you experienced a comfortable combination of both old and new to start 2015.  Let me know what you think of my prediction (below) of the return of the white appliance.


Only time will tell!

For those who enjoy warm weather, please join me in Florida on 1/22 for my new .2 IDCEC-approved HSW- CEU 
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Trend: White Kitchen Appliances? 

A couple of years ago I was part of a focus group for a high-end kitchen appliance company. One of the questions posed was "what finishes do you see beginning to trend". My response was "white and warm metals". While not necessarily for major appliances I saw this combination for cabinets, hardware, tiles, fittings, lighting and accessories. But I did feel a longing to return to white appliances, even copper (without the Harvest Gold) and bronze. I know that stainless steel remains the preferred finish for large appliances, I think largely due to its perceived resale value. It has become the standard in kitchen design and what people expect. Houzz's recently published 2014 kitchen survey revealed that a whopping 83% of those members surveyed preferred stainless steel. But white remained the favorite finish for cabinets.   Here are some of my LIKES. 

Words like authenticity and bespoke may be overused but what they stand for are still on trend. Consumers enjoy the story behind a product, its ingredients, and its designer. The narrative is essential. Buy local but relish global continues to be a dilemma. Artisanal or traditional is sought after but with advanced technology included. Industrial Chic remains strong.  I'm leaning towards Rustic and Cottage styles mixed with modern elements or Nordic.  Some more of my LIKES.

Bottom line, there's something for everyone especially if you have a lot of kitchens or projects.

More on my Pinterest BoardsRustic and Kitchens. 

Susan J. Slotkis 
Profiles - Personalized Interiors
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