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As a sequel to my last article on Transferware is my new article onToile.  Hope you enjoy. 

Step Up to Toile

Studying and then later writing about 18th c. Western design (Ch.11 of FID) had its organizational challenges. Three of the most influential design styles are aligned (and overlap) with portions of the 18th c.

Rococo Style (1715 - 1780)
Neoclassic Style (1760 - 1830)
Empire Style (1789 - 1848)

Each has its own highlights...the curves of Rococo, the symmetry of Neoclassic & the Egyptian motifs of the Empire style. Yet despite the differences they all have something in common and that is Toile. 

Toile (pronounced twahl) is French for cloth. Toile du Jouy is named after the factory outside of Versailles in Jouy founded in 1760 by Oberkampf after France lifted its ban on cotton imports from India. Scenic designs were copied from engravings, at first woodblocks, later copperplates and cylinder rollers. The designs were then transferred, often with one ink, to a cotton surface.  

With King Louis 15 and Madame Pompadour's love of country life, pastoral scenes became typical during the Rococo period. 
 More symmetrical & classic themes emerged during the Neoclassical period.  

Exotic landscapes came into play with the interest in Egyptian civilization stimulated by Napoleon's expeditions during the Empire period.     
Some contemporary textile companies have the rights to faithfully copy antique patterns.  Most produce toile patterns inspired by antique designs. Expanded color palettes are employed. Others pay homage to the spirit of Toile by producing unique, often whimsical, even irreverent & satirical patterns based on locale, current events & political commentary.  South Beach Toile by Studioworks and Harlem Toile by Sheila Bridges are shown below as examples. With story-telling a popular notion, these toiles will continue to trend.

So, for your next family or class reunion, why not commission a custom made "Toile from the 'Hood" to commemorate the event. Who knows, it might wind up at the Met.

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