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Wishing you a Happy Spring, Finally!


It's been a long time coming...spring as well as my newsletter. I was in semi-hibernation mode with a rare case of writer's block.


Not that I haven't been busy.  I worked on a bathroom renovation in Baltimore, on-site and via the Internet including picture-sharing on Pinterest. It was actually quite a lot of fun.


I volunteered at a Career Panel for the H.S. of Fashion Industries in Chelsea. I organized two Career Panels that included 11 of my most interesting and inspiring design colleagues telling their stories to over 30 of FIT's fabric styling students.  It was virtually a collegial love fest.  I was humbled by the talent surrounding me.


I went to Las Vegas in February as a speaker for IWCE Visions. My two programs, Design Directions & Trends and Accessories: Style & Substance were given to interior designers and others in the window coverings industry. What a wonderful opportunity to get to see what Vegas looks like now.  After all I hadn't been there since I turned 21! I thought I would take a lot of photos of "the strip" and write an article about the hotels. I must say, I found the scale so big that I couldn't capture much with my camera. Let the hotel websites speak for themselves.


Good news. This month IWF-Visions is offering a series of webinars based on the Vegas conference seminars. I am pleased that both of my programs are on the bill.  The first one Design Directions & Trends is scheduled for 4/17 at 11 am EST: the second on 4/30 at 11 EST is Home Accessories: Style & Substance. I hope you will tune in!


Best, Susan 

Flowers in the 'Hood
by Yours Truly
Here's to the late bloomers. those who come early or right on time. Thought I'd share some of the flora photos I've taken in previous times in the ' Manhattan. 

Have a wonderful holiday, be it Passover, Easter and/or Vernal Equinox.

Susan J. Slotkis
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