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March/2013 Issue 1
March,  2013
Design for the Rest of Us
Taking it to the Streets

 My last two issues highlighted features of Art Deco (see answers to the scavenger hunt below). This issue features another art form, Street Art. Over the years I've taken lots of photos of graffiti (several featured here).  Gagosian Chelsea Gallery show of Basquiat and Doyle Gallery's auction of Street Art  prompted me to unleash some of my photos.  
Street Life 

The term "fine art" is elusive. We hear it used to describe the visual arts, such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, more recently photography. The term fine art is also used to distinguish purely aesthetic and conceptual design from practical or applied art, such as ceramics and textiles. Another nuance to the term implies that the artist has been formally trained rather than self-taught.


That leads me to "not so fine" art...non-traditional or alternative art forms. Ironically, some of these forms have a longer tradition than "fine art". Think cave-paintings and early way finding inscriptions (like pointing the way to the nearest brothel in Ephesus), way before the Renaissance.


Starting with pornography, you know it when you see it. It provokes commentary and questions. Art or vandalism?   Subversive, criminal or commissioned?      


We witness graffiti in our cities, on our subways, and in hard to reach places. We've reacted in many ways...eyesores, urban blight, defacement, political propaganda, narcissistic attention-seeking, territoriality, and fame (or infamy depending on your viewpoint). And, sometimes even with marvel and appreciation.      





Much is written about this phenomenon and campaigns to eradicate it. Museum and galleries have explored this visual art form and its path from the street into private collections and to public and private commissioned projects.


More Photos: Flickr 


Future issue wll explore

Outsider Art.










   Art Deco 13
Answers to the Art Deco Scavenger Hunt.
This photo is from the Chanin Building, Manhattan. 


Deco Answers  
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