Transitioning...A Fitchburg Day in the Life

     by Amanda Iantosca, DO, PGY-3


July is always a special month for a residency's when we say goodbye to the senior residents who have shared in our laughter and hard work for the past few years, and we welcome in a new group of eager, albeit terrified, interns. And for those of us in between - namely, the PGY-2's - we get to transition. It's a transition from buddy call to solo call, from supervision to supervising.


July 1st - my first night of solo call as a PGY-2. It's daunting, knowing that the senior resident
back-up that was there with you just last week is no longer available to you for support overnight. Or so I thought. First, it was my fellow PGY-2's calling and texting in solidarity. Then, there were
PGY-3's telling me to call at any time of the night with questions - even one who was on an island getaway for the weekend!

Finally, and most heartwarming, recently graduated residents were cheering me on with messages and calls and offers for midnight advice if needed. It was a busy night, but I made it through - and I never felt alone.


Since that first day in July, this camaraderie has become even more evident. Our new PGY-3's, yet again, have shown spectacular enthusiasm for Fitchburg FMR by taking an active interest in the work and play of the residents - organizing a complete and full-scope didactics program, as well as camping getaways and weekly barbecues.

The new interns quickly found their places as fresh, vital members of the team, always willing to go the extra mile and dive into uncharted territory, as there is nothing more daunting than dictating a stat transfer summary for the first time. And, to blow off some steam, they weren't afraid to challenge their senior residents, attendings, and the clinic staff to a friendly game of softball at our residency picnic in early July.

In Fitchburg, there is a work hard, play hard mentality - and this is something that is obvious when you see our residents interact and lean on one another for support. I noticed it during my interview day, and it is what convinced me that Fitchburg was where I wanted to be. This July, I got yet another reminder of why I made that choice, and why it has remained the right choice for me.



Happy Transitioning to All,   

Amanda Iantosca, DO
Proud PGY-3

UMass Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency Program