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         May 2013

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Dear Friends and Family,


Happy (Belated) Mothers Day to all the Mothers!


Liz and I took her mother, along with Liz' son Élan, to lunch at the restaurant where we will hold our wedding reception, Harvest on the Hudson.


It was a beautiful day to be on the Hudson with all the trees and flowers blooming, and surrounded by so many families honoring the ladies in their lives. Outside the restaurant is a patio surrounded by gardens where baby lettuce, radishes, herbs and other vegetables were just beginning to come up. From the name of the restaurant, you can tell they grow what they can there and source locally as much as possible.


After lunch, Liz and I strolled both the patio area and the large grassy area by the waterfront to try to get a feel for where to hold the wedding ceremony and take pictures. A lot will depend on the weather.


Earlier I had reached out to the mothers in my immediate family, and checked in with a little prayer and hello with my Mom, who passed away in 1973 around Mother's Day.


Speaking of weddings, there is a beautiful poem I would like to share with all of you; it's called "A Wedding Gift."


I hear you singing, dear, inviting me to your limb.

I am coming, for all that we do is a preparation for love.

I hear you singing, my Lord, inviting me to your throne.

We are coming, dear, for all the toil you have blessed us with is a preparation to know and hold the sacred.

I hear you singing, my soul, but how can it be that God's voice has now become my own?

"That is just a wedding gift for our Divine Union," my Beloved said.

~St Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)


So as you go on your journey, keep your hearts open, and allow God to speak through you.


Peace & Love,


Prayer and Being In The Presence 

This month's newsletter and the Ah-Man Blog Posts that follow will continue to touch on the topics I talk about at the retreats/workshops I hold.


This month I'll talk about prayer and being in Gods Presence, or being In The Presence.


I've heard it said that prayer is talking to the God of your understanding, while meditation is listening. This helped me a lot early in life. I would get tangled up in trying to memorize certain prayers and felt I failed when I couldn't. So, as you can imagine, I was not in a very loving place when I felt I failed to memorize a prayer.


But thankfully when I heard that all I had to do is earnestly talk with my Higher Power and commune, it did take on a whole different feeling. I began to write my own prayers, or combine different ones, etc.


It was a wonderful feeling to not be restricted to something formal or something that I didn't fully understand.


As I journeyed down my spiritual path, I read books of saints and sages. In those books some of them touched on prayer. One of them said that while prayer is a very intimate dialogue with God, be careful not to whine...not to continuously ask for things.  He said you wouldn't want to always be complaining or whining to your loved one, would you?


He said it was fine to ask for something or to question something with the God of your understanding, but to remember God does know all. He said when asking for something to end your request with something along these lines: "Lord, however it works out, please let it work out for the highest good of all."


Meaning I understand, Lord, that you know all and I have faith in you; I might not always understand why certain things happen or why I am not getting the things I want, because you know all of our highest good and are always there for us in some form or way.


As always, I would like to hear from others about their experience with prayer, meditation or Being in the Presence.


Thanks to all of you who came to the recent retreat and workshop out at Joshua's Place. It was a pleasure to be of service, and wonderful to meet such loving souls as yourselves.



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