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December 2012 

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Dear Friends and Family,


Since my return from visiting John of God, it's been hard to focus and write. I am attempting to do so now. I will never be able to precisely share what I experienced and happened while I was there. The article below is a humble attempt to bring you into the "Casa."


In the meantime, with the arrival of the holiday season, I want to remind all of you to take good care of yourselves physically (meaning go out of your way to protect yourself by dressing properly and taking plenty of supplements), mentally (try not to succumb to all the pressures that the holidays sometimes bring), and spiritually (if you nourish the spirit first, everything else will take care of itself in good time).


I want to thank all of you who sent me pictures and letters of request for healing to present at John of God's casa. Thank you for allowing me to be an instrument in your healing.


My service to you reminded me of the following poem by Rabindranath Tagore, a famous Bengali poet:


I slept and dreamed that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted, and behold, service was joy.


Thank you once again.


Happy Holidays!



John of God/Casa De Dom Inacio

We were on an overnight flight into Brasilia, and then took a 90-minute ride into the hills of Brazil to the small peasant town of Abadiania. We stayed at a warm and loving place called Pousada Irmao Sol Irma Lua, which means "House of Sun and Moon."


Our living arrangements were a little mixed up, but it all worked out according to Divine Plan in the end. The entities already knew what the three of us needed and once we all surrendered to that, everything was wonderful.


The little village was full of Pousadas where the visitors could stay. (Pousada is a Portuguese word that literally means "house or place to stay".) Our Pousada was a 10-15 minute walk from the Casa. This was very nice for many reasons; stretching our legs, visiting the locals and all the shops, seeing life unfold in this village and much more.


On Monday, we settled in and immediately felt the energy and entities working on us. We visited the Casa both Monday and Tuesday and became familiar with it, arranged our healing times at the "crystal beds" and stocked up on our drinking/holy water.


Wednesday through Friday is when John of God is there and sees every person who comes. The first day, there were at least 700-750 people. Thursday was less crowded because lots of folks had surgeries/operations or interventions done, during which they were told they had to stay in bed for the next 24 hours. On Friday, there was another tremendous crowd.


I will not talk about my daughter's or Liz's experience; their respective experiences are personal journeys. No one else's mind would be able to comprehend their unique experiences anyway.


My experiences are just that, mine, to be shared with you as I can. As I said, our brain/mind cannot understand that which it does not see, it's just a fact. So, trying to explain it is even harder and can't be done.


As our guide told us back in the summer, once we decided to come to the Casa, our healing was already happening.


During my stay, I felt work being done on my body on a continuous basis, especially in my chest area; constant tugging and pulling going on, not painful...more like pressure.


The amount of energy of love and peace felt inside the Casa itself was intense.


Before entering the assembly hall, we stood on line to see a translator to whom you explained what you wanted to be worked on, i.e., what ailment or situation, etc. The translator wrote it down on a piece a paper that you handed to John of God, when you saw him.


We all gathered (I should say as many as could fit, as there was a tremendous overflow) in the assembly hall, creating orderly formations in groups. First-timers, second timers, revisions (those who had been seen before and were given medication or had a procedure done) and those told to have surgery.


Those groups passed through the assembly hall through another room where there were people praying and meditating. This area was called "Incurrent." Then those groups would go through the second room, which was filled with more people meditating and praying. As you came to the end of that room, there was John of God, the mediator, through whom the saints and entities were working.


The translator, who wrote on the piece of paper what you wanted John of God to know, took the paper from me and handed it to John of God. John of God looked at the paper, then looked at me and smiled with gaze was full of love. He scanned me, said something to the translator who then interpreted his words to me. Those were his instructions, either you were given a prescription of herbs, or told to have an intervention/operation/surgery or some other instructions.


Depending on what you had done, you would go before John of God again and he would reevaluate your issue and give further instructions or not.


I was given a prescription to take for the next 40-45 days. On my second visit, besides the issues I asked for help with, I wanted to go to the waterfalls at the Casa that have special healing powers as well. You couldn't just go on your own, the entities had to give you permission, which I asked through John of God and was granted.


The waterfalls were a blessed experience. As a nature lover, I've been to many waterfalls, but never one as powerful (in love and energy) as these little waterfalls were.


The healing I primarily asked for was not of the physical nature, but spiritual and, over time, it will happen. Although all the physical stuff that my body was going through were things that were being worked on that would have happened in the future, for which I am grateful.


I would love to share more about our visit to the Casa, so please feel free to write me and ask me more about the visit. It is one that I totally enjoyed and look forward to making again and again.


Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing photos taken on the grounds of the Casa. Be sure to visit the Ah-Man Blog and my social media pages (see below to find out how to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest), so that you won't miss out on these beautiful images.





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I look forward to connecting with you! 

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