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Exclusive Thanksgiving/Holiday Savings!
Sara K. Vogeler over 35 years in practice
Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy Holidays!

May you have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Last month Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body-Mind Centering´┐Ż, taught movement patterns derived from embryology. She brought to life anatomy, how the embryo grows, and implications in one's own development as we explored simple movements. She made it OK to be unknowing and feel lost.

Calm and unpretentious, Bonnie inspired everyone. She narrated complex embryological development with ease, so it was available and practical. With her soft voice and loving touch we were drawn to listen, to understand and experiment with these ideas in movement. Someone said she felt as if all the leaves of autumn were in glorious array in her own body.

In my work with sports injuries, postural distortion, illnesses, and TMJ, I love applying these principles to reduce pain, realign posture, strengthen muscles and help you reconnect with yourself.

I can set up a program for weight loss and personal fitness to increase your energy and vitality.

May we grow forever!


Sara K. Vogeler, Director
The NeuroMuscular Center, Inc.

Mario Lopez and Sara promoting vitality at the Vitamin Shoppe, NYC
Announcing  3 Vitality Packages!

 Vitality for a Month :
*4 massages (4 hrs x $140), 
*a fitness evaluation ($200) 
*a nutritional evaluation ($200) 
*support for 4 weeks online (4 x $25) 
*a Saturday movement class ($40) 
*24-hour phone access (2 months @$100)

This is a super, $1200 Christmas or Hanukah present with a 60% discount for only $500!
-must be used by 2/28/14


Vitality for a Year : 1 massage of  Neuromuscular Therapy per month for the year. Total value: 12 x $140 = $1,680 
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Vitality for a Day :  1 massage of Neuromuscular Therapy ($140) discounted to $60
From now until Jan. 7th, 2014 only, subject to availability  
Treat yourself! You deserve it! 


Injured or in Pain? 
Use Skype or Face Time for long distance consultations: $200.

Call 212.242.4962 to set up an appointment or email: [email protected] 

One Day Seminar:

Basic Neurocellular Patterns--the earliest movements in life

Saturday Dec. 7, 2013
10 to 4   $150

Learn the patterns of life from embryo to toddler. Feel growth in your own body as you identify and experience your beginnings which will offer insight into choices you have made as an adult. Be prepared to move on the floor, so wear comfortable clothing.

You deserve time to explore who you are from a movement perspective. All are invited: body therapists, performers, yoga teachers, musicians, health professionals, and educators. Don't miss out! Add a "Learn More" link at the bottom of your promotion to drive traffic to your website.


Location: The NeuroMuscular Center
148 W. 23 Street, apt 1H
NY NY 10011



"Sara is clear in her explanation, demonstration and understanding of the importance of the feedback process. Her clarity, patience, and ability to articulate appropriate images make her patterning of others a dynamic and responsive experience for those with whom she works. She is inventive, thoughtful, sensitive and encourages the best in her students."


--Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, O.T.

Founder, School for Body-Mind  


Call 212.242.4962 or email [email protected] or go to for more information.
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