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The year has begun. Have you changed? Are you working out more, improving your food choices, and enjoying life? If not, I can help guide you in the right direction. I can relieve your pain, align your body, motivate you to exercise, and teach you to eat right for your body.

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Shoulder Pain


Sara 12/24/12
Sara K. Vogeler, Director
You might be reaching for a box in your closet when you feel something "give" in your shoulder, and a pain shoots down your arm. Or walking your dog pulls your arm out just once too many times, and you start to notice an annoying discomfort whenever you move.

The anatomy of the shoulder is amazing! First of all, the arm bone (the humerus) sits next to the shoulder blade, laterally, not vertically, so your arms can "rest" at your sides. No need to hike your shoulders up.

The scapula seems to lie quietly on your back, but in fact has a projection all the way to the front of your shoulder where muscles and ligaments can attach. A bony shelf ends up hanging over your humerus-- this stops the arm bone from swinging upwards out of the socket. Very ingenious design! This "scaffolding" anchors muscles and ligaments to allow us a range of 360 degrees so we can swing from trees, do cartwheels, or smash a serve!

You can injure a tendon, pull a ligament, or inflame a bursa (a fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion in the joint). You can tear the cartilaginous lining called the labrum, or degrade the bone so it becomes arthritic. It's best to see a specialist, get a diagnosis, and start treatment.

That treatment should include trigger point therapy (this is what I do), along with strengthening exercises (also what I do) along with re-education (with me, so you don't repeat your mistakes) and integration with the whole body (again, 'tis I.)

For a more visual explanation of the scapula, see me on youtube.



Cecile Lost Weight!
Cecile came to me because her neck and back were killing her! She grew up in Ouidah on the west coast of West Africa where she carried heavy jugs of water on her head every day. When she went to school in London, she hoisted her heavy suitcase on top of her head to travel. Her latest MRI showed multilevel disc bulging with spondylosis (osteoarthritis in the center of the vertebrae).

I didn't cure her neck, but she left after one session in much less pain. Even better, she listened when I talked about a low-carb diet, and stopped eating rice, corn meal, and breads which she consumed daily. In two weeks she lost 5 pounds, and is enjoying eating well!!! She'll be back next week. Losing weight will lighten the load on her neck and back, so she'll be in less pain!

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Shoulder Pain
Cecile Lost Weight!
Breast Cancer Update
Breast Cancer Update


Can changing a classification matter? The diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) has perhaps generated unnecessary  worry. If the new name says "neoplasia," would the worry be reduced?  Would you get the same treatment for something newly re-classified? Read the discussion here.

Do you think minimally invasive surgery for breast cancer prolongs life? Read this. Are you aware of minimally invasive non-surgical treatments? Read about laser, ablation, and freezing techniques.

UCSF scientists describe for the first time how a protein, known as GATA3 - which is abnormal or absent in many cases of human breast cancer - normally acts to prevent the distant spread of cancer, called metastasis.

"When GATA3 is present, it turns off many genes that are active in metastasis," said Zena Werb, PhD, a UCSF professor of anatomy who led the research. "We now have identified the molecular mechanisms involved."

It might be possible, Werb said, to develop drugs that inhibit breast cancer metastasis by re-activating these controls in cancerous cells that have lost the normal protein.


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