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Volume 7 Issue 10
October 2014

In This Issue
Things My Mother Never Said
Coaching Boys and Girls
Importance of Play
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In this issue:
We welcome back Tony Earp to close out the year with one of the best articles we've ever read on parents and children, brought to you in three parts. Brian Gotta writes about the differences between coaching boys and coaching girls. And John O'Sullivan contributes the second installment on why we should focus kids on "playing" a sport rather than "working" on it.


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Things My Mother Never Said to Me Tony Earp
By Tony Earp 

As a soccer coach, I hear a lot of things said by parents to me or their kids that my mom never said to me growing up. I attribute my success on the field to my mom avoiding these comments and not allowing me to make excuses or justify disappointment in the wrong way. Below is a sample of comments I hear all the time. As a coach, I cringe every time I hear them. Maybe because I never heard them growing up from my mom. Read Article
Soccer Innovations
Brian Gotta
Difference Between Coaching Boys and Girls    
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I was talking with one of my son's former baseball coaches who is now coaching college women's softball. I asked him what the difference was between coaching the two genders. He said, "Guys need to play well to feel good. Girls need to feel good to play well." It is a great line. But is it possible that the explanation is that simple? Read Article

The Incredibly Massive Importance of Play
By John O'Sullivan 

One of the greatest differences between adults and children is that adults are goal oriented, and children are focused on immediate pleasure. Adults see everything as leading toward something in the future - the big picture if you will - and thus tend to look at everything we do not simply for "how does this serve me now" but "how will this serve me in the future." Read Article

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