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Volume 7 Issue 5
May 2014

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How Mentally Strong?
Don't Be Afraid to Coach!
Tips for Offensive Consistency
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In this issue: Nate Barnett is back with high-level but easy-to-understand advice on helping hitters with their swings. Brian Gotta makes a case for why everyone should volunteer to coach at least once. And Dr. Jim Taylor's first in a three-part series on improving athletes' mental toughness.

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Get Psyched! How Mentally Strong Are You? Jim Taylor

By Dr. Jim Taylor   


Whenever I ask athletes how important mental preparation is, compared to physical and technical preparation, to achieving their competitive goals, everyone says either as or more important. But when I ask them how much time they devote to their mental preparation, they say, "little or no time."
Read Article 

Brian Gotta

Don't Be Afraid to Coach!          

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck


One of the most difficult jobs youth league administrators face each season is rounding up enough volunteers willing to coach. If you've never coached a youth sports team before, it is natural to feel trepidation and to figure someone else can do a better job. But here are a few reasons why even you should have the confidence to say, "I'll do it." Read Article 

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Two Tips to Improve Offensive Consistency

by Nate Barnett

When I work with new athletes I always start by watching their lower body movements, specifically their load, stride, and weight transfer.  I totally ignore the upper half (shoulders, hand positioning, extension, etc.) until I'm pleased with how the lower body is working. Read Article

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