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Volume 7 Issue 3
March 2014

In This Issue
What If?
Every Kid Get a Ribbon?
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In this issue:
Another great article, this one the first of two parts, by contributor Tony Earp. Brian Gotta wants to make sure every coach starts off the season with what's most important in mind. And Dr. Chris Stankovich make a return with this piece asking if every player should get a participation award.   


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Hot Spots
Cues (Part One) Tony Earp
By Tony Earp      

If you ask veteran high level players why they did something on the field, you may not get the answer you would expect. Often high level athletes do a lot of things out of "instinct" or, as I like to say, out of habit. It is hard for the player to explain why or how it was done. Read Article
Soccer Innovations
Brian Gotta
What If?  
By Brian Gotta

A pretty young girl, suddenly scarred for life. A group of five year-olds with broken noses and shattered teeth. A young boy who is in a coma with brain damage. Is this an article about a war-torn region of the world? No. Here are some things I have witnessed in youth sports. Read Article

Should Every Kid Get a Participation Ribbon?  
By Dr. Chris Stankovich  

One complaint I regularly hear these days is that we have become too soft and giving when it comes to rewarding kids for simply "being on the team" when it comes to youth sports.  Rather than have to earn awards through athletic accomplishments, some folks feel we have become too giving about rewarding kids for simply putting on a uniform and being on the team. Read Article
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