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Volume 7 Issue 1
January 2014

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Coaching Your Child
Everyone Calm Down!
33 Hitting Cues
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In this issue: Want an incredibly easy guide to teaching hitters? Miles Noland provides 33 tips every coach should know. Brian Gotta writes about an incident he observed at a youth soccer game, what he did say and what he wished had. Do you coach your own children in sports? You need to make sure you read Steve Henson's article below.

League administrators: We suggest you read through this checklist of items for your league to address BEFORE the season begins! 

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Coaching Your Child: Expert Advice from T-Ball through High School and Beyond (Part 2 of 2)

By Steve Henson 


What follows is a short guide to coaching a son or daughter found in the Proactive Coaching booklet, "Youth Coaching, Four Keys to a Successful Season." The examples are from baseball players, but the lessons can be universal to any sport:  Read Article 

Hot Glove
Brian Gotta

Everyone Calm Down!     

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck


I was taking my dog for a walk at a nearby grade school one Saturday morning and I passed a youth soccer game on the field. I knew from the uniforms that one of the teams was a local, competitive club. From the the sizes of the boys, I judged them to be around eight years old. I was stunned by the vociferous parents, yelling at the teenage referee about every call, and screaming instructions to the players each time they touched the ball. I kept walking that day. But a few weeks later, on the same route, I encountered the team again. As I approached, there was a huge blow-up from the parents of the local club. It escalated back and forth between both sides. The referee, an older gentleman this time, halted the game and warned the coach that if there was one more outburst, he would clear the sidelines. This time, I couldn't help myself. I stopped and said something.
Read Article

33 Hitting Cues

by Miles Noland,

Use the 33 cues below to keep things simple for your hitters, and you will notice the improvement. A certain cue can have a profound effect on a hitter's swing. Read Article 

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