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Volume 6 Issue 11
November 2013

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Nightmare Sports Parent
Worst Coach I Ever Had
Don't Be a Slave to Stats
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In this issue: Nate Barnett comes through again, this time with a terrific article that can benefit hitters and coaches of all ages. Brian Gotta relates the story of a coach from his childhood who we might not want to emulate. And Steve Henson's second installment on the difference between a nightmare sports parent and a good one can't be missed!

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What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent...and What Makes a Great One (Part 2 of 2)

By Steve Henson 


Nearly 75 percent of kids who play organized sports quit by age 13. Some find that their skill level hits a plateau and the game is no longer fun. Others simply discover other interests. But too many promising young athletes turn away from sports because their parents become insufferable. Read Article

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Brian Gotta

First (and Worst) Coach I Ever Had   

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck


During my childhood and into high school I played a variety of sports and was on many teams. Through all of those teams, both recreational and school-affiliated, I had some average coaches, some good ones, and a few who were excellent. But I also had one really poor one. And he happened to be my very first coach ever.  

Read Article 

Don't Be a Slave to Stats!

by Nate Barnett, The Pitching Academy

Baseball is possibly the most statistical game on the planet. Everything a player does is tracked and evaluated based upon some series of stats. While extremely helpful in many scenarios, statistics have a way of eating away at the minds of many athletes if not understood properly. Read Article 


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