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Volume 6 Issue 3
March 2013

In This Issue
The Rift
Photos for our Scrapbook
Toolkit for Injury Prevention
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In this issue: Tony Earp's final in a three-part segment on how coaches and parents can better see eye-to-eye.

Brian Gotta's article aims to encourage youth coaches to stop and enjoy moments they'll want to remember down the road. And, our partners at STOP Sports have created a terrific injury prevention toolkit which you can download for free and pass along to your coaches.  


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Keep those laces tied and improve your kick with Hot Spots. For online registrations and league management tools, Sports Signup is your best bet. The J-Goal is another great product from the folks who know soccer at Soccer Innovations

Soccer Innovations
The Rift Tony Earp
By Tony Earp (Part three of three) 

The success of a team or a player is normally measured by wins and losses. This is a very misleading way to measure whether a coach is doing a good job, a team is having success, or if the players are learning and improving their level of play. Read Article
Hot Spots
Brian GottaPhotos to Store in our Scrapbooks
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

As a youth coach, I was lucky that a retired gentleman named Jon decided to pick up photography as a hobby. He had a son playing in our league and loved youth sports. So nearly every game, whether or not his boy was involved, we'd see him beyond the outfield fence with his lens as long as his arm shooting photos.  Read Article 
Sports Signup
Coaches Curriculum for Injury Prevention STOP Logo
By STOP Sports Injuries  

Our partners at STOP Sports Injuries have developed a tremendous curriculum all youth sports coaches should read prior to their first games and practices. Contained within is instruction on preseason conditioning and proper warm-up, overuse injuries, concussions, and heat illness.  Read Article 
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