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March 4, 2015                                                                         Louise Reichlin & Dancers 



  Los Angeles 

Choreographers & Dancers 

Celebrates 35th Anniversary

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We keep maintaining a professional company, creating new works, occasionally touring, doing lots of educational residencies and festivals - and now we have the opportunity to do a revival of our earliest signature dance work- "The Tennis Dances" as well as one of our more recent dance/multimedia/film works "Tap Dance Widows Club" at the Bootleg Theater on Bevery Blvd. in Los Angeles. Here are the details: 

WHAT: Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers in association with Bootleg Theater presents Louise Reichlin & Dancers Celebrating 35 Years 'The Tennis Dances' (complete version) and 'Tap Dance Widows Club' 

WHEN: April 9-12, 2015. Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 7:15 pm, Sunday at 2:00 pm 

WHERE: Bootleg Theater 2220 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016 

WHO:  Director/Choreographer: Louise Reichlin 
     Dancers: Steven Nielsen, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Tonya Vivian, Kistina Pressler,                      Coree McKee, Roman Bykov, Kirby Harrell, Heather Rabun, 
                     Lennon Hobson, Linnea Snyderman. 
     Visual Artist: Audri Phillips

TICKETS: $20 in advance/ $25 at the door. Purchase at    

10% discount at door for students (with valid ID), seniors and DRC Members! Reservations at 213.389.3856 

More program info:


 PARKING: Free street parking or parking lot N side of street behind church for $5. 



*The first revival of the complete Tennis Dances since 1999, our signature 1979 work. *The past and present meet for an eclectic celebration of life in Tap Dance Widows Club,           an innovative flagship work by Louise Reichlin & Dancers.


 *"Among the group pieces, Louise Reichlin's Tennis Dances, for a dozen members of Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, had to be the most provocative. A potpourri that vaguely satirizes pomposity, exoticism, period cutesiness and contrived elegance, that probes ancient mystery and indulges contemporary whimsy - all with the unlikely but clever metaphor of racquets and nets."     Los Angeles Herald Examiner

     "(The program) ended brilliantly, thanks to Reichlin's Tennis Dances, which dates back to 1979. In this ten-part suite the tennis court becomes a metaphor, of course, for life's stage. And life, as Reichlin sees it, is indeed a stage, one crowded with a broad spectrum of attitudes. ...Here is a choreographer who arguably picks up the feminist point of view where Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis left off. To observe the universe as it is inhabited by women, she harks back to ancient times and mythic symbols." 

                                                                                                        Dance Magazine


 * (Tap Dance Widows Club) is "upbeat, nostalgic, yet going forward with a wonderful spirit and zest for life"                                                                    Beverly Hills Outlook

    "The interweaving of past and present, of distinctly different worlds through both video and dance, made this piece not only unique, but deeply touching."   Explore          

Bootleg is a space for art: A place where Los Angeles artists of all disciplines can come together and create new, exciting theatrical events. In their 1930's warehouse, located in the Rampart District, they have been producing theater since 2000. Bootleg is committed to producing brave, boundary-pushing, artistically outstanding, and highly collaborative new work; work that is exciting to people of all ages and ethnicities and serves as a reflection of the City we all call home.

Above photo from a 1980 performance of The Tennis Dances at Dance Kaleidoscope at the Anson Ford Theatre.

You can also see us in Brandenburg (from Tap Dance Widows Club) at the HH11 Festival presented by Nebula Dance Lab in Santa Barbara on March 29. Please see their web site for complete schedule, companies, and programs and tickets.  


Special Thanks

Special thanks to you for your support!

Our winter fund drive was successful, and if you haven't received a thank you yet, its coming very soon! Please continue to contribute and consider raising the amount if you are able. Our fiscal year goes through June 30! Our grants need to be matched, our revival of The Tennis Dances needs to be paid for, and projects next season include the TriArt Festival in September, free school performances, and our ongoing educational and performance projects. We are also trying to find a large donation to continue our REACH Demonstration Project after school programs at Hillcrest Elementary School. They combine both art and health!!

We hope to share our dances and teaching with other areas, and new funds from you can also take us to any location in LA and much further.  If you donate, you can help us get to your location!! Please visit our website to make your donation.



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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


click here for Reichlin on You/Tube 


click here for Desio on You/Tube 


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Louise Reichlin, Director

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers


Celebration photo: Paul Antico 

1980 Tennis Dances photo: Kenneth Johansson

Patchwork Girl duo photo: Sallie DeEtte Mackie 

Louise in Lark In the Morning photos: Theodora Litsios