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February 14, 2014                                                                    Louise Reichlin & Dancers 

The Tennis Dances/ Jazz at Lincoln Center
The Tennis Dances/ Jazz at Lincoln Center


Fund Raising Project on Hatchfund- Tap Dance Widows Club/ phase 2
* Update on our fund drive

* On with 2014!

* Remembering Alfred Desio


Update on our fund drive-
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On With 2014!...Every day since mid January is filled with multiple dance workshops. First began a s... hlin & Dancers/ LA C&D.
Remembering Alfred Desio...
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On With 2014!
            Every day since mid January is filled with multiple dance workshops. First began a series of after-school workshops at Monte Vista Elementary in S. Whittier School District. Each time we work with two classes of 4/5/6 graders teaching a variety of pieces that will be performed in early April ranging from specific cultural dances to modern and hip hop. February began a project with five classes of middle school students from Fairgrove Arts Academy in the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District. We work with them two days a week for four weeks, culminating in performances next month by both our company and previews by each of the classes, with the material drawn from many cultures including Japanese, Israeli, West African, AfroBrazilian, East Indian in the form of Bollywood, Polish, Italian, American Square dancing, and Mexican. After that, the students will continue to work on the dances with their regular dance teacher Meghann Kraft. She has a most enthusiastic group of students. The dance studio fills up at lunch time with the students working on their own choreography! This our first time with both of these school districts, and a big thanks to Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe for awarding us an Arts Education Partnership Grant, and to these school districts who are matching the funds!

Next week we begin workshops in the Valley and in San Pedro (both in the LA Unified School District), and more about that in our next E-news.     
Remembering Alfred Desio
Alfred Desio & Jose Vega at Grand Performances
Alfred Desio & Jose Vega at Grand Performances

It is seven years since my late husband Alfred Desio passed on - on February 14, 2007, also Valentines Day. I recently found two videos, one very vintage from someone else's internet posting of Alfred performing at a lunch-time concert in Los Angeles. It was taken at Grand Performances with Jose Vega, a wonderful jazz pianist. Although the image is very fuzzy, it sounds great and brings back that afternoon! The second is an out-take from Tap Dance Widows Club by Audri Phillips.
Alfred Desio out-take from Tap Dance Widows Club
Alfred Desio out-take from Tap Dance Widows Club
Excerpts from the project are in the funding project video at the top of the page. Many more videos of Desio on and on his web pages under his name and under his company Zapped Taps..

Special Thanks to our Supporters

Special thanks to you for your support!
Please continue to contribute and consider raising the amount if you are able. The California Arts Council, The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and DCA City of Los Angeles grants are all matching grants, and went towards the TriArt Festival in September.  
Our school activities funded by Don Knabe's Educational Partnership Grant need matching funds. We also have another matching grant from DCA City of LA for 2 schools in the Valley that can't happen without your help! 

For 16 more days,  please help with our Tap Dance Widows Club Project here. After that, please visit our web site to donate. Thank you so much to our current supporters!! 



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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


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click here for Desio on You/Tube 


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