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Catch us in New York

& Pittsburgh

for the APAP and IPAY


Please come  meet us and
see our 4 showcases !

Details below: 

Although you may not be attending the conferences, if you are in New York for the annual APAP conference and showcases (or even if you are not attending!!) you are invited to come. You should be able to walk in (for free) except for the first Jazz at Lincoln Center showcases, which does have tickets for sale. We are part of a 6 hour performance that begins at 5:30. The time we are within is below. We are not showcasing in Pittsburgh, but I'd love to see you while there. Our  NYC showcases are as follows:


Friday 1/11/14  @ 9:30-10:15 pm time bloc  THE TENNIS DANCES  

     Booking Dance Festival, NYC. The Allen Room, Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home  

     of Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway at 60th St, NY - APAP badges or Presenters enter free  

     6th flr., others ground floor with tickets for sale at this link.  


Sat. 1/12/14      @ 1:50 pm   THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ

     APAP 2014 Youth and Family Showcase, Majorie S. Deane Little Theater at

     the West Side YMCA, 10 W. 64th St, between Broadway & Central Park West


Sat. 1/12/14      @ 10:50 pm   TAP DANCE WIDOWS CLUB

     Harmony Artists 2014 Showcase Festival, Hilton Hotel, Mercury Ballroom, 3rd flr.


Sun.1/13/14       @ 3:30 pm     TAP DANCE WIDOWS CLUB/

                                                 + A SHORT EXCERPT FROM THE TENNIS DANCES 

     Love Productions 2014 APAP Showcase, Hilton Hotel, Beekman Parlor, 2nd flr.



Have a wonderful new year, and please, let's try to catch each other. You can reach 
us at our office in LA @ 213-385-1171, or when out of town at 213-458-3066. 


Louise Reichlin, Director


Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers  

(If you are not going, the Presenters link can take you to videos and press packets with no flying necessary. And please keep reading for an update on our fund drive.)
We do want to give you an update on our fund drive. Thank you, those that helped us successfully reach our first goal, and after $500 of matching funds, we had the good fortune of a Durfee Foundation Matching Fund for the next $750. Now we are at the point where every one of your dollars is bringing us closer and closer to our minimum goal to receive the funds (we have $4,690 out of $6,000) and ultimate goal $11,618). So please visit the project site and help us achieve our immediate and all our goals for the coming year. Here is the video and project link again-
Fund Raising Project on Hatchfund- Tap Dance Widows Club/ phase 2
Fund Raising Project on Hatchfund- Tap Dance Widows Club/ phase 2

Or just watch on the site itself!

We hope we catch each other in the coming year-

Louise Reichlin, Director

M'saada Nia, Steven Nielsen, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Kistina Pressler, Heather Rabin, Dustin Ripkens, Angela Todaro, & Tonya Vivian,  Dancers

Louise Reichlin, Joanne Divito, Betty Castaneda, Hiroshi Hamanishi, Loretta Zerby, Tamara Shayne Kagel, & Aliza Lesser, Board of Directors

Happy Year Coming Up!!!  

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