Warm holiday greetings - and introducing our fundraiser on Hatchfund!  
We are pleased and very excited to announce our fundraising project on Hatchfund!


The project: "Tap Dance Widows Club/ phase 2", will help take this work to the next level. We have been invited to showcase the work at two locations at the Arts Presenters conference in New York in January, and there it will have the potential to be seen and chosen for national and international performances by hundreds of presenters.


Please help us by visiting the site to view a short video with clips, artwork, & live dance on how we plan  on doing this. You will see us in rehearsal as well.   


We only have 39 days to raise our minimum goal of $6,000 or we can't access the funds. Once we get to $600, the next $1,000 gets a matching fund from the site dollar for dollar. We need your help to take this work to another level - or phase 2.  

Thank you in advance-

And have a warm and joyous holiday season! 


Louise Reichlin, Director, Louise Reichlin & Dancers


ps- for more about our programs, please visit us on www.LAChoreographersAndDancers.org