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October  2013                                                                          Louise Reichlin & Dancers 


Louise Reichlin & Dancers performed Selections from "The Tennis Dances" at LWDT's Dance All Day Festival on 10/19.


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TriArt Festival

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Setting up for the TriArt Festival
Louise Reichlin, Director, before it all begins 
on Sept 21 and 22. For 2 descriptive 
reviews of the festival, see: 
Companies included 4 pre-professional  and 15  professional, also including a new division, post professional. A few, like Lula Washington Dance Theatre and Ruby Karen's Orange County Aerial Arts, showed their kids group, and their apprentices, and then included performances by the principal company dancers, showing how these schools can prepare professional dancers.   
Marie-France Levesque is also performing on Nov 2 at Thousand Oaks PAC. See their notice near the end of the E-news. 

Quick Moves
More...TriArt Photos...Just a few of the 19 dance and 10 music groups.
Performance at benefit for B.A.R.E on Nov. 9
Marie-France inroduces her new company
Special Thanks
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Just a few of the 19 dance and 10 music groups. We also had 10 artist/craftsman vendors. Thanks so much to our sponsors- besides the producers- Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, People's Place San Pedro, Freshboks, and Blue Water Green Earth- our major sponsors follow:

The  California Arts Council, a state agency, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. LA C&D is funded in part by a grant from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs. LA C&D has also received a Music in Public Places award from the LA County Arts Commission (District 4 office of Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe) for Louie Cruz Beltran Latin Jazz Ensemble for our closing night in the music area. Other major sponsors include: Joe Buscaino, LA City Council Member District 15, Don Knabe, LA County Commissioner, Jayme Wilson, Ports O'Call Restaurant & Spirit Cruises, Matt Lincir, Alvas, Rickenbacker Guitars. Our Directors worked so hard....besides me there was Jan Kain, Greg  Neethling, and Rick Conkey. Besides us, our primary volunteers during the Festival itself were Loretta Zerby and Jenni Kiilholma, and a special shout-out to Stacy Alvarez! Our first on location admin was Alina KIng, who grew our list of sponsor's gifts, and at our office in LA, USC work-studies James Bergstrom and Alex Martinez kept the web site up-to date.

This year we were able to lead up to the festival with three previews in diverse areas of San Pedro, and we had much support from many that donated towards our free drawings. Please see for a list.




Photos from the TriArt Festival SP - a partial group of companies + photo credits on right 


Performance at benefit for B.A.R.E on Nov. 9
On Saturday, Nov. 9, we are performing a piece about anti-bullying for a benefit for B.A.R.E. Contact the producer Stephen Tako for information link. The performance and event is at The Paseo Club in Valencia CA.
Marie-France Levesque inroduces her new company       
The Los Angeles Dance Company

Special Thanks to our Supporters


Special thanks to you for your support!
Please continue to contribute and consider raising the amount if you are able. The California Arts Council, The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and DCA City of Los Angeles grants are all matching grants, and went towards the TriArt Festival in September.  
Our school activities funded by Don Knabe's Educational Partnership Grant need matching funds. We also have another matching grant form DCA City of LA for 2 schools in the Valley.  
Please visit our website to make your donation.



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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


click here for Reichlin on You/Tube 


click here for Desio on You/Tube 


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Louise Reichlin, Director

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers