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Get ready...
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Go with us to Philadelphia and New York
for the IPAY
APAP conferences-

And come to meet us and see our showcases at Jazz At Lincoln Center-

Details below: 

You are on our "presenter" list, and this year I am hoping you might be going to Philadelphia or New York for the annual IPAY conference or APAP conference and Showcases. Our  showcases are on Friday night 1/11/13  with Jodi Kaplan/Booking Dance within the time bloc given. Please see the cards below for a few images and more details.




More information about the amazing 6 hour showcase content on  The showcase is free for presenters on the 6th level entrance (you don't need to be registered to the APAP conference, but you would need to show your business card), and all others can purchase tickets for $10-$50 dollars.    

Have a fantastic holiday, and please, let's meet!


Louise Reichlin, Director


Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers   
We hope to work with you in the coming year.

Louise Reichlin, Director

Zsolt Banki, Jenni Kiilholma, M'saada Nia, Steven Nielsen, Elizabeth Ann Poinsette, Kistina Pressler, Louise Reichlin, Angela Todaro, Tonya Vivian and Laurie Huff, Dancers

Louise Reichlin, Joanne Divito, Betty Castaneda, Hiroshi Hamanishi, Loretta Zerby, Tamara Shayne Kagel, & Aliza Lesser, Board of Directors

Happy Holidays!!!