Why Should You Donate To Us? (Just 8 days left for our online funding goal) why-louise

When I founded our company in 1979, I chose Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers as our non-profit (95-3509028) name not only to support my own work, but also my partner and late husband Alfred Desio's work. I also planned on presenting other choreographers and companies - and we have done this big time. (24 through our early New Works Dance Festivals, 18 through my tenure at the Dance At Brand Series, at least a dozen each year with the free showcase TriArt Festival (this year with 22 curated groups - 16 professional and 6 pre-professional to introduce to the community), and more than 550 companies on the free online So. CA Dance Directory.


We create vital relevant new work each year, and maintain a resident company of dancers who get rehearsal and performance honoraria as well as teaching work at a number of our teaching residencies. We self produce as well as guest at theaters and festivals each year. And we have done this consistently since (and I am repeating on purpose) 1979.


Just last week we gave the official premier of "Tap Dance Widows Club". Some audience writings to us: "What a wonderful group...congratulations on a beautiful and moving performance." "Last Sunday's show was spectacular!  I could barely keep my own feet still!" "The dancers wowed us from start to finish. Everything was wonderful, including the Widow's Club presentation with film. It was informative, inspirational, and just the right length. The 'Tap Tribute' was absolutely amazing and charming."


For all of these activities, still current, we probably bring something extra to your lives, whether it is inspiration through one of our professional or school performances, production and marketing support, or through your participation in one of our dance classes- either personally or at your venue or school.


Please go to our funding project on USA Projects. We only have 8 days left to make our modest goal of $5,000. We can't collect any of the $3,651 already raised unless we meet that goal. Perks include unpublished digital photos and video clips or choreography created just for you.


With great thanks-

Louise Reichlin, Director


Our First Fundraising USA Project

The project: "Tap Dance Widows Club/ The Baggage Project, Multiple dance forms in a unique multimedia piece using the power of Dance, an inside story from 30's Hollywood to now, inspired by a death."


Please help us by visiting the site to view a short video with clips, artwork, & live dance from The Baggage Project. 


The premier of the work was November 16-18, 2012, at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica. Please help us fund the future of this work!