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October  2012                                                                          Louise Reichlin & Dancers 


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3 sets of Performances
     Tap Dance Widows Club 
     Moonlight Reflections 





A Memorable TriArt Festival
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Tickets Now On Sale - coming on November 16-18
Moonlight Reflections - a repeat of a recent sold out production!!
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     invertigo lafollies tripack-lacd triartPhotos from the TriArt Festival SP - companies & photo credits on right 


Above are just a few of the 22 wonderful companies that performed at the TriArt Festival, and a look at the amazing waterfront background at Ports O'Call in San Pedro. My company and I produced the Festival to continue the tradition begun by founder Joe Caccavall. who passed away in June. Associate Producer Mike Caccavalla (Joe's son) announced that he was leaving his Dad's glasses on the sound table nearby turned towards the stage so he could see how everything went.  And all agreed - it went beautifully! 

Tickets Now On Sale - coming on November 16-18, 2012
On November 16-18 we will be returning to the Miles Memorial Playhouse for the official premier of "Tap Dance Widows Club", and other pieces for the "Baggage Project". It will be sold out as our first "in progress" was there, and tickets are now on sale. Please add it to your calendar NOW!
The three tap dance widows are Loretta Zerby (widow of Jon), Katherine Hopkins Nicholas (widow of Fayard), and Louise Reichlin (widow of Alfred Desio). This is a screen shot from the June presentation Louise did at the Dance USA conference. You can see dancers as well from the opening dance section. I am thankful that we recorded the 'conversations' with the three of us in 2011, as Katherine recently passed away. The work, like life, is both joyous and sad, and combined intimate portraits of the three men who were amazing dancers, with our combined worlds of dance. Here is a sample from when we previewed it.
EditedBaggage-photosAssembly Widows Club Baggage Project
EditedBaggage-photosAssembly Widows Club Baggage Project

Moonlight Reflections - a repeat of a recent sold out production!!

Moonlight Reflections:A night of poetic storytelling and dance


Hollywood, CA- The moon shines on dancer/choreographer Tatiana Zamir as she returns for an encore performance of her first solo production entitled, Moonlight Reflections.Moonlight Reflections is a rare blend of storytelling and dance, combining autobiographical solos alongside collective community issues through group choreography. The performances are on

October 12th and 13th, 2012 at the historical Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood, 4800 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90027, atop Olive Hill in the historical Barnsdall Art Park complex. The doors open at 7:30 and show starts at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $25.00 at the door or discounted pre-sale tickets for $20.00 may be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets.  
friends-familyWe will be performing with 11 other companies on November 2 and 3 at the Porticos Artspace in Pasadena. It is produced by Nancy Evans Dance Theatre. Check their site for all the information. It is a beautiful new theatre, and perfect for dance!

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Please continue to contribute and consider raising the amount if you are able. The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and DCA City of Los Angeles grants are both matching grants, and went towards the TriArt Festival in September and the performances of Tap Dance Widows Club and the Baggage Project in November. We will be showcasing in New York, and are fund raising for that. 
Our school activities funded by Don Knabe's Educational Partnership Grant need matching funds. Our residency funded by Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has now finished, but your funds can take us to another location in the district! 
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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


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click here for Desio on You/Tube 


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