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August 2013



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Randy Sabourin & Cam Anderson 

The 3 Things Missing From Your Leadership Development Program. 

 By Randy Sabourin

We have all witnessed, or experienced, Leadership Development Programs at organizations that miss the mark. Although designed using valid processes; evaluate what we have today and train the gaps to create the Leaders of tomorrow, somehow the return on investment is not enough.


Young executives who have become good leaders early in their career have an intuitive sense about how to lead. Although pragmatic about learning, they often reject a content based 'do it this way' approach leadership development. They feel they are unique and haven't gotten this far by doing everything the same way everyone else has. There is also the brash young 'know it all' young executive leader; full of hubris, too high on control and unwilling to consider other's input. Their reaction to classroom training is much same perhaps with the exception of the pragmatic approach to new learning.  


Leadership Development programs fail for what they don't give new leaders, not from a lack of the right content. Increasing business acumen (reading balance sheet, cash flow, budgets, etc.) or learning a company-wide system coaching process is great content to learn, however understanding these things will not produce a leader. There are three things that can create great leaders.


First: Know Thyself


The best leaders understand their strengths, and more importantly, their weaknesses. A good behavioral psychometric evaluation can give the indications about where to begin. A leadership development program must increase self-awareness to be successful. There are two factors to self-awareness - knowing and believing. 
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"You have to use my guy: he's the best!"
by Jason Mitchell


How your customer feels about you, your company, your staff and your business has a very real impact on the success of your business.jason 

Sometimes your customer will share how they feel, but more often than not, they never do or they never have the opportunity to provide that feedback to you directly. This is especially true when their feedback is negative. While I was introduced to this idea through my work at e-roleplay, where we provide feedback about how customers feel in sales situations, its power only became truly clear when I paid attention to how this plays itself out in real life.     

Here's an example from my recent life as a consumer where a company had the chance to create a loyal repeat customer who would promote them by word-of-mouth, but instead created the opposite-a customer who would only speak of the company in damaging terms.  

To Learn, You Have To Fall
By Amy Sellors

Amy When I was a kid, I took water-skiing lessons. My dad first taught me to water-ski when I was 7, I went to water-ski camp and every year, when our family would vacation at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, my brothers and I would all take lessons there. Water-skiing was a big deal at Callaway Gardens-there was even a daily water-ski show. It was here that my older brothers all learned to water-ski barefoot and do jumps, and that I learned how to do 180 and 360 degree spins on trick skis. (Note: trick skis are wide, with rounded ends, the design of which allows tricks to be performed, such as spins. Skiers can use one or two small trick skis.)

One summer afternoon when I was 12, I had a water-skiing lesson scheduled with Doug. I really liked Doug. He was a great water skier. He always played the clown in the show: if you have ever seen a water-skiing show, you know that the clown can ski circles around the other skiers-sometimes literally! Doug was really nice, and I wanted to impress him, so, I was amazing in my lesson: I never fell. We went around and around the lake, and I never even got my hair wet! I was so pleased with myself.

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