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On Wednesday, November 27th and on Friday, November 29th, I will guest host for Chris Krok on WBAP Radio in Dallas on 820 AM and 96.7 FM from 8:00 p.m. to 12 midnight central.

The station carries Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

The show that I will be hosting immediately follows The Mark Levin Show

Mark has written:
mark levin 3
I will broadcast on WBAP Radio in Dallas right after Mark Levin.

You can listen live to me from anywhere in the world  as I guest host for Chris Krok.

Call in during my two guest appearances with your comments or questions at 1.800.288.WBAP (9227). 

You can also email me at TalkRadioAdam@gmail.com during the show to react to our discussion or right now to suggest a possible topic or guest.

On Wednesday, I will talk with Colin Gunn, producer of Wait Till It's Free, a documentary which exposes ObamaCare.  It will be coming out early next year.

Watch the trailer below.

Wait Till It's Free (Teaser Trailer)
Wait Till It's Free (Teaser Trailer)

Join 294 other conservatives and support the final production of 'Wait Till It's Free' through their Kickstarter campaign.

Plus, I hope to interview Stephanie Cone, the 30-year-old author from Comfort, Texas who wrote her first children's book entitled Grandma's Moving In.
Stephanie explains that "We are living in a day when grandparents are disposed of. They are sent away from those who love them to impersonal institutions where they are viewed as simply more needy people requiring care. But that's not the vision of 'honor thy father and thy mother' which we seek to communicate.

"In this uplifting, illustrated children's book, little Albert wonders how he can care for his elderly grandmother who is moving into his home."

This is Stephanie Cone below with her two grandmothers.

Of course, I will cover all of the late-breaking news as well.

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