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If I were a betting man, I bet you've never heard of Strong Foundation.

Located east of the Alamodome on North Hackberry Street, they are a Christ-centered, no-nonsense homeless ministry providing shelter for 17 families with children today. 


Strong Foundation Ministries  www.strongfoundation.org 
Overview video of Strong Foundation 

Refusal to accept tax money = freedom to share Christ

Unlike other local outreaches to the homeless, Strong Foundation refuses to accept one dime of federal, state or local tax dollars.  That gives them the liberty to share Christ.  There's no need to be politically correct.

Pastor Jim Gipson, the 6'6"-tall, 54-year-old founder of this unique outreach, couldn't be more clear.

Jim Gipson, founder of Strong Foundation, a Christ-centered San Antonio homeless ministry

"The tool that God has given us is shelter.  They don't come to us looking for God.  They come to us looking for shelter.  But now they find themselves in God's house.  We have the opportunity to share the Gospel with them through voluntary morning devotions, weekly Bible studies and a Sunday morning worship service."

As a result, people are trusting Christ for the first time - many of them getting baptized.  And those who already professed Christ are growing deeper in their walk with Him.
It's not the children's fault

For whatever reason - unemployment, crushing medical bills, or addiction - these families have become homeless.  Jim declares "No matter what, it's not the children' fault."

That's why he and his wife Carolee have such a passion to provide a safe, family-friendly environment that will help Mom and Dad get back on their feet financially, emotionally and spiritually.  The kids deserve nothing less.

Half of the the residents of Strong Foundation in San Antonio
east of the AlamoDome are children

In fact, one young man who had lived at the ministry with his mother a few years ago, wrote,  "Strong Foundation was more like home to me that any place I've ever lived in my life."

When Amy and I toured Strong Foundation several years ago, we were impressed with how warm and welcoming the facility was.

Cheryl, the mother of a family they once served, said, "Strong Foundation didn't feel like a shelter when we lived there.  It was like a real home."
Tough love approach demands accountability

If they don't have a job when they come to Strong Foundation, they have to look for a job.  No excuses.  Jim has learned that many of the homeless have been unemployed for months if not years leading to a spiraling sense of helplessness and depression.

The unemployed residents are required to be showered, shaved and present at an 8:15 a.m. accountability meeting called "Discover Jobs."   Their marching orders are simple:  Submit 5-6 applications for a job per day totaling 25-30 applications for work per week.   Jim says, "The key is to get the no's out of the way."

Now that's a serious job search.  In other words, they treat looking for a job as a job, dedicating 8 hours a day to pounding the pavement.  No wonder, the average resident is employed within a short two-week time span!
New Life Skills empower the residents

In addition to a major emphasis on getting and keeping employment, the families at Strong Foundation are equipped with life skills to empower them to make better choices in their future.

Not only can they attend the morning devotional at 6:45 a.m., Bible studies on Monday or Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. or a Sunday morning 10 a.m. church service, but they are given Biblically-based guidance to get them back on their feet.

Strong Foundation offers:
  • A recovery class for those dealing with alcohol or drugs, a 12-step program with an emphasis on Jesus is our "Strong Foundation."
  • Dave Ramsey Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Tutoring for children
  • Parenting and relationship classes 
  • Job search and interview skills
As you can see, this ministry is not interested in simply warehousing the homeless.  They want to equip and empower the residents to become productive, tax-paying, law-abiding, God-honoring citizens. 
The Christmas Miracle

When Jim and Carolee tried to buy their existing building -- a former nursing home -- the asking price was out of their reach.  But on Christmas Eve, 2003, the former owner called and said, "Merry Christmas!  I'm going to give you the building."  It's like something right out of a movie!

The owner flew into San Antonio on December 29th and signed the building over to the ministry.  It appraised for $516,000.  God did what they never could have done.  And on February 13, 2004, Strong Foundation opened its doors.  Since then, they have ministered to more than 2,200 people in families. 
Testimonials of families

Remarkably, one South Texas family ended up living in their friend's backyard with their 6-year-old girl in a tent.  But they had finally worn out their welcome - even in the backyard.  So they were asked to move.  Roger was at his wit's end and felt like a failure.  But thanks to the rigorous job search requirement of Strong Foundation, he found a job doing pest control.  With a sense of God-inspired self assurance, he said, "I'm really glad that I did what I needed to do."

There are now 17 families at San Antonio's Strong Foundation,
a Christ-centered, homeless ministry. 
  • One resident named Laura said, "I've been at the Strong Foundation for about a month now.  Before I was addicted to drugs and I wasn't doing very well.  I'd lost my job.  Since I've been here, I've been attending a budgeting class, a 12-step program and Sunday morning services.  I just want to say thank you Strong Foundation for helping me to find the right path that I need to be on and helping me get on my feet."
  • Another man lost his landscaping job.  Because he could no longer handle the mounting bills, he, his pregnant wife and their 5 children were evicted from their apartment in Canyon Lake.  The result?  They were literally living in their suburban.  It was an untenable position.  Now, having stayed at Strong Foundation for 4 months, he has found work as a mover.  And he couldn't be more thrilled or thankful to God!
  • One family was living in a shed which would normally store tools  They came to Strong Foundation which helped them get back on their feet  The father recently told Jim, "Thank you.  We're doing well now.  If you hadn't given us a chance, we don't know where we'd be now.  We're plugged into a local church, we're working, and we're on the right track."
  • One young mother shared from her heart. "If it wasn't for Strong Foundation, I don't know where we would be now. We probably would have lost our daughter.  We came back to the Lord while we lived there and Strong Foundation helped us get our lives back together."   
Interestingly, Strong Foundation suggests that once a father has secured employment and money begins to come in, that each family invest $63 per week to help offset the expense of living there.

"Free doesn't work," explained Jim Gipson.  "Asking them to contribute to the cost of their room and board becomes a test of character and integrity."

That way the families who are staying there have a sense of ownership, a sense of giving back that builds their self-worth and morale. 
How you can help financially

Cooler weather has finally hit San Antonio.  Strong Foundation has been told that the rock-bottom price for two new heaters, an evaporator pan and a coil, which they desperately need, totals $6,400.  And that's after a nearly 20% reduction in price to get it that low!

That means that if you became one of 64 subscribers to give a generous, tax-deductible gift of $100 to Strong Foundation, they will have met their goal.

Or perhaps you could become one of 128 people to give a tax-deductible gift of $50.

Maybe the Lord has laid it on your heart to step up dramatically with a $500 or a $1,000 donation.


You can give in one of two ways: 
1.  You can bless Strong Foundation right now through their PayPal secured page.  (You do not need a PayPal account yourself.  Just have your debit or credit card number handy and select the amount above that you would like to donate.)

2.  If you'd prefer to write a check, please send it to: Strong Foundation, 414 North Hackberry Street, San Antonio, TX 78202.  (Write: "2 heaters" in the memo)

Please e-mail me at TalkRadioAdam@gmail.com and let me rejoice in knowing that you were one of the members of Adam's Army who took a stand for the Strong Foundation ministry. 

I will report back to you on Monday, October 28th about how we did toward this $6,400 goal.  My prayer is that we knock it out of the park!

Amy and I know Jim Gipson personally, have seen his operation in action, and trust them explicitly.

If you have any questions about the ministry or would like to talk to Pastor Gipson, call 210.641.HELP (4357). 
What the Bible says

God's Word could not be more clear.

Listen to the admonition of 1 John 3:17:  "If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?"

Let's become the the hands and feet of Christ to the dear local South Texas souls who have become homeless.

With your financial help for Strong Foundation, not only can we ensure that the residents will remain toasty warm in the cold days ahead, but we can also introduce them to their Creator.

As Jim Gipson says, "The Strong Foundation we all need in life is in fact a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the Strong Foundation."




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