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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28 FROM 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

I will be guest hosting this morning in San Antonio on 550, KTSA for Jack Riccardi.

You can listen live here from anywhere.

One of the issues that I will address is my time on the air is the pro-homosexual, anti-Christian ordinance which is before the San Antonio City Council.

charles flowers
Pastor Charles Flowers led Hispanic and black pastors at a press conference
on Monday night to speak out against the ordinance.
There are 2 meetings which I URGE you to attend today, Wednesday, August 28th, at City Hall.  Make sure to wear BLUE to communicate your opposition to the ordinance.

Both will take place at the same location of the new City Hall located at 114 West Commerce Street, San Antonio, TX 78205.  Look for the 15-foot high clock.  That is where the entrance is to the back of the City Council chambers.     

One is at 2:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, August 28th, where the San Antonio City Council, for the first time, will debate the proposed ordinance among themselves.  While there will not be a chance to speak at this meeting, the homosexuals have typically outnumbered the Christians at these discussion-type meetings.

The second meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, August 28th. This is the Citizens To Be Heard Meeting.

You do not have to speak to show your support.  You can simply show up wearing a blue shirt or blouse.

However, if you do wish to speak, you probably will only have 90 seconds instead of 3 minutes because so many people have been showing up on past Wednesdays.

To sign up to speak, click this link.  Click on "Individual", type in your first and last name and click on your District number.  The sooner you sign up to speak on line, the sooner you will speak once the 6:00 p.m. meeting begins tonight.

To find our what San Antonio District you live in click here.

1. Learn more about this bad ordinance.

2.  Call, email and tweet Mayor Julian Castro and the 10 members of the San Antonio City Council objecting to the homosexual ordinance.  


Get their phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter accounts as well as suggested polite language you might use when you contact them.


3.  Learn about the legal problems with the homosexual ordinance.


4.  Take a look at some of the media coverage of the Christians' objection to the homosexual ordinance.


5.  Like the Facebook page of the San Antonio Human Rights Coalition which is composed of Bible-believing Christians who oppose this proposed homosexual ordinance.    

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