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 March 2016 
 Membership Newsletter

TAR Winter Meeting Update 

Hi ,
The TAR Winter Meeting was held this past February and there was a lot of great information that I would like to share with you.

TAR is seeing a great increase in membership and TAR has now grown to over 100,000 members making us the largest professional membership association in Texas. What a larger membership, also comes a significant amount of influence. We have many representatives at TAR the address issues most important to TAR members, so I would greatly encourage you to stay involved.

Speaking of involvement, The Texas Association of REALTORS, in partnership with the National Association of REALTORS, conducted a statewide campaign in support of Proposition 1 - a constitutional amendment that increased the homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000 and banned real estate transfer taxes on all real estate sales.  Expenditures for the campaign, including in-kind contributions, totaled $6.027 million. Texas Association of REALTORS has been fighting real estate transfer taxes for decades and effective January 1, 2016, these types of taxes are constitutionally banned from ever being created by a governmental entity. Congratulations, REALTORS® on this significant accomplishment.

The work doesn't end there. Now that the 2015 Legislative Session has concluded, the six TAR Public Policy Subcommittees will begin their work in 2016, to begin preparing for the 2017 Legislative Session.  These six committees are:  Business, Commercial, Taxation, Property Management, Infrastructure/Utilities and Land Use/Development.  Some of the potential issues reviewed will include local property taxes, ad valorem appraisals, school finance, home equity lending, transportation funding and campaign finance. This is another important year for REALTORS® to stay involved and be heard.

It's looking like an exciting year ahead four REALTOR® members in the coming year. Be sure to visit TAR online at texasrealestate.com and stay up to date with everything that's coming your way.

Best to you,

Beckie Whittier, FRAR 2016 Board of Directors

Letter from our Association Executive, Amy DuBose 
Dear FRAR members,
     I sincerely thank those that have reached out to me during the last 6+ weeks. 
     For those that do not know, my appendix ruptured mid-January.  I did not demonstrate typical symptoms and was originally misdiagnosed.  Two days after the rupture, I went to the ER where they discovered what had happened.  Luckily, they prescribed me antibiotics from the original diagnosis that prevented my body from going septic.  I spent 4 days in the hospital after the appendectomy (the surgeon says it looked like a grenade was set off inside my appendix).  I was home for 5 days when I spiked a fever and was hospitalized again with complications from the rupture.  I had 2 more surgeries, a blood transfusion, two PICC lines, and IV nutrition.  I was in the hospital for another 11 days. 
     Since then, I've been slowly recovering.  I'm happy to say that I walk the earth with the living!  It has been quite a road.  Through the entire ordeal, I received such great support from REALTORS®, Affiliates, TAR, NAR, family, and friends in the form of cards, flowers, emails, text messages, Facebook comments, and phone calls. 
     A very special thanks goes to my amazing staff who held down the fort for me while I was away.  They all stepped up and truly went above and beyond for our organization.  We are truly a family and I love each of them very much.
     I've been part time over the last two weeks and will return full time next week.  I'm on a good path now and my healing is going well. 
     Thank you, all, for your love and support!  I feel very blessed to be alive and to be a part of the REALTOR® family!

Amy DuBose, RCE 
Association Executive
Four Rivers Association of REALTORS®

Come help support TREPAC at the Four Rivers Association of REALTORS® New Braunfels Office with a good ol' southern chili cook off! 
Thursday March 24, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM CDT
Team set up starts at 9 AM and judging is at 3 PM
Teams can have up to 6 people and must consist of REALTORS® and/or affiliates. Each participating team member must be registered and paid prior to event. Team themes are encouraged but not required! 
Awards for:
Best Team Theme - People's Choice - Overall
Entry fee is $35 per person. All funds go to TREPAC! 
Review the great information Dr. Gaines shared at the 2016 Housing Forecast, here
March Membership Luncheon
Nobu Hata
We want to say a huge "Thank You" to our Guest Speaker, Nobu Hata from NAR for making the trip down to Texas! He shared his awesome knowledge about the integration of digital technologies in our industry.  Nobu's awesome presentation is available by clicking HERE
We also had a great time hosting this luncheon with our friends from the Women's Council of REALTORS®, Hill Country Chapter. Thank you all for your continued dedication and involvement.  For more information about this organization, please go to www.WCRHillCountry.org.
Watch your inbox for our training schedule for our NEW MLS System.  We're proud to roll CoreLogic's Matrix out to our MLS members, starting April 11!!  Training will take place April 11-15.  Stay tuned to sign up!

2016 Membership Loyalty Card!
With so many events and classes being held, are you punching your card to earn a chance to win? 
Prizes include:
  • Four quarterly winners ($100) 

We have AMAZING classes over the next few months!
Be sure to speak with LaDawn next time you're in to find out more!
Schedule can also be found by clicking HERE.
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