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Dear Sunny

The GT was the best trip I've ever taken. I saw some amazing scenery and ate better than I do at home! It was amazing to be on a trip with people of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. I can't wait to take another GT trip!

- Elizabeth, USA
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Get WILD This Summer!
We'll get you up close and personal with nature!
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Black bear in Yosemite
Black bear in Yosemite NP!
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Seals at Stewart Glacier, Alaska
Seals at Stewart Glacier, Alaska
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Preparing Death Valley
Bison in Yellowstone NP
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Humpback whale breaching in Alaska
Humpback whale breaching in Alaska

Waterfalls, fantastic hiking, and fresh air aren't the only reason to visit America's National Parks -- go for the wildlife! Large mammals, birds and reptiles are regularly seen and provide ample opportunities for a magical moment or the photo of a lifetime!

In Yosemite National Park the most commonly seen large mammals are black bears (whose fur can be cinnamon or even blonde), mule- or black-tailed deer, and coyotes, who are known for their eerie howl. Smaller furry creatures include the marmot, squirrels and chipmunk (who might sneak into your backpack for a snack!). Look up and you'll likely see red-tailed hawks soaring the skies, or scrub jays and dark-eyed juncos flitting from tree to tree.

Yellowstone is famous for its herds of bison and elk roaming the grassy plains, but you might get lucky and spot the elusive grey wolf, too. Search the skies for the nation's symbol soaring above, the bald eagle, or look for the largest waterfowl in North America, the trumpeter swan, whose 7-foot (2.1 m) wingspan are a mighty sight to see.

Alaska is home to caribou (also known as reindeer to some), moose, and the grizzly bear. Stroll the shoreline and check for the brightly-colored harlequin duck or the osprey, whose shrill cry can be heard long before it is seen. You might want to go for a paddle and spot orcas, a specie of dolphin called "killer whales" by some. Look to the shore for seals and sea lions basking in the sun.

Summer is the best time to enjoy the weather and the spectacular wildlife in our National Parks -- find out more about your next "wild" adventure on the Green Tortoise!

Don't have a lot of time? You can still see some amazing wildlife on one of our fun Day Trips!
Epic Adventure Contest
Share your story for a chance at a free trip!
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Epic Adventure Contest

Announcing the EPIC ADVENTURE contest and trip give-away

If "go big or stay home" is your motto, then this contest is definitely for you! We would love to hear about the trips you've done, places you've seen and people you've met.

Show off your travel writer skills and WIN big this summer. Submit a link to your blog entry detailing your latest or greatest Green Tortoise Adventure and you may win a trip for two! Here are the details:

1) Send a link to your blog entry to: Subject line: Epic Adventure Contest

2) Your blog entry must be recently published (during the last few years) and must contain photos.

3) The trip you write about should be recent -- within the last five years.

4) Winner will be announced in the September 2013 newsletter and will be contacted via email.

5) Winner will receive a trip for TWO to Yosemite National Park OR Death Valley National Park -- your choice!

So what are you waiting for? Get posting!
Travel Tips for the Ultra Chic
From Our Travel Diva, Ava
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Baja beach camping
Adventure travel ... in style!

To all the Tortoisettes out there, this one's for you!

Naturally you want to look your fabulous self during your ultimate road trip so we're spilling our secrets to help you look like the glamorous road warrior you are. Here are some helpful tips on staying beautiful and comfortable on you next adventure.

Dry Shampoo: This is amazing stuff and you just need a tiny bit to sprinkle at the roots. Forget heavy shampoo/conditioner bottles, they will only weigh you down. If you're on a longer trip, consider trial size packets for one time use mid-trip to revitalize those gorgeous locks as well.

"Yes to Cucumbers": Makeup removing and cleansing towelettes. These are refreshing and you will smell and feel delicious!

Scented dryer sheets: If you need to use clothing more than once (which you should be, we are camping after all!), pack your clothing with some dryer sheets in between to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Roll them up with them after uses. Dry, static hair? No problem -- just swipe with one of these and calm those locks down!

Dear Sunny
Answers and Advice from our Resident Tortoise!
Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Baja beach camping

What is this "miracle" I keep hearing about?
- Serena

Dear Serena: The "miracle" happens when the tortoise bus interior changes configuration to make platforms and beds so you can sleep lying down. Most of your gear (which you wont need while sleeping) will be stored away to make a larger, more comfortable space for snoozing the night away!
- Sunny 
"Once a year, go someplace you've never been before."

- The Dalai Lama's Instructions for Life
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