October 2014
Catch up with the Center for Regional Disaster Resilience
Washington State Port Mutual Aid Agreement

The Center has been very busy during the last six months, wrapping up some projects and starting new ones.


The CRDR recently completed a larger project concerning improvements to the regional supply chain here in Puget Sound Region through a number of workshops and reports. One element of that work was the development and promulgation of a Washington State Port Mutual Aid Agreement. We are happy to report that at this writing eight ports have signed onto the agreement, and more are working the legislative process through their elected commissions. The Washington Public Port Association (WPPA) has agreed to be the holder of the signed agreements which will provide continuity going forward. When they have a website established for these agreements, the CRDR will share that information.

City of Seattle

Our work supporting the City of Seattle's Recovery Planning Process is ongoing. The CRDR is working in coordination with BERK Consulting who is the prime contractor for the project. This project has had excellent public-private organizational participation.  All planning deliverables are due to be completed by the end of 2014 and will provide the City of Seattle with a Disaster Recovery Framework. One of the highlights of that document is the establishment of a decision making structure to advise the Mayor of Seattle and assist in the community coordination process. When completed, this will be one of the few documents of its type in the nation.

Click here to see the informational video.

The CRDR will be assisting the State of Washington with their implementation of FirstNet in Washington State. Our role during what is being called Phase One will be conducting outreach to critical infrastructure owners and operators to engage them in the assessment process and get their initial input into the design process. We will be working in tandem with Washington State University, which is doing the same outreach, to reach a wide array of first responder organizations and disciplines. The initial consultation with Federal FirstNet representatives was October 16th.

Idaho Cyber Security Workshop
Cyber security events keep making the news in many unflattering ways for governments and businesses. Because of this threat, the State of Idaho will be hosting a Cyber Security Interdependencies Workshop on November 13. The CRDR is excited to be involved in this inaugural event and supporting the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security. The event will be hosted on the Hewlett-Packard Campus and will involve participants from the public and private sectors. Please join us - read more and register here! Pre-registration is required for all attendees.

Disaster Resilience for Legislators is a special session that will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 19, during PNWER's Economic Leadership Forum, Nov. 19 - 22, in Seattle, Washington.

This half-day session will focus on the role of state and provincial legislators before, during and after disasters. Sessions will be discussion-based and facilitated by Glen Woodbury, Director, Center for Homeland Defense and Security, at the Naval Postgraduate School. Glen brings a wealth of practical knowledge to these discussions, having served previously as the Washington State Emergency Management Division Director.


Resilience requires forward-thinking legislators who consider how to lessen the impact of inevitable events, rather than chasing short-term issues and results. If you are a legislator, you're welcome to join us for this important discussion of how to plan for disaster resilience in a time of tight budgets and increasing threat from natural disasters. Please register so we can plan accordingly. If you are not attending the entire Economic Leadership Forum, you can still attend this resilience session at no charge as long as you register ahead of time.


Please Note: Two Ways to Register

You may register for this event only


The Economic Leadership Forum
This meeting provides an opportunity for local, state, and provincial leaders in both the public and private sectors to carry out in-depth, focused discussions on key subjects effecting our regional economy. Leaders from throughout the U.S. states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, and the Canadian provinces/territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Yukon and Northwest Territories will be in attendance tackling the policy matters that drive the economic strength of the region. Click here to read more.
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The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) launched the Regional Disaster Resilience and Homeland Security Program in November 2001 with the goal of improving the Pacific Northwest's ability to withstand and recover and to protect its critical infrastructures from all-hazards disasters.
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