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April 1
Rite Aid Lounge, 11 am
April 1
SC 201/VT 114, 6 pm
April 1
OB 110, 6:30 pm
April 3
OB Boardroom/VT 402
11 am
April 3
SC 201/VT 114, 11 am
April 4
R. Aid Lounge, 9:30 am
April 4
SC Lawn, 2:00 pm
April 4
VT 101, 4 pm
April 4
SGA Leadership Banquet
Normanside CC, 6 pm
April 4
Movie: Lone Survivor
SC 201, 8:30 pm
April 5
AIC Track & Field Invitational
Springfield, MA
April 12
SC 201/VT 114, 8 am
May 12 
Pharmacy Board Exam Review - ALB Campus
Part II (Law)
May 13-14
Pharmacy Board Exam Review - ALB Campus
Part III (Compounding)
May 17
1:00 pm
May 18
1:00 pm
May 19-20 
Pharmacy Board Exam Review - ALB Campus
Today is the first day of April, which in the Northeast means just six more weeks of winter. All kidding aside (more or less), let's hope today marks an end to the dismal stretch that preceded it. And, no, we're not referring to past issues of the e-Pulse.

Spring Break Trip Explores the Business of Fair Trade

Students traveling to warm weather destinations for spring break is not that uncommon. But for eight ACPHS students, their trip to the Dominican Republic was far from the typical experience. The focus of the trip was to travel across the Caribbean country and learn about the working conditions and lifestyles of Fair Trade workers in the cacao, coffee, and clothing industries. "Fair Trade" agreements ensure that the producers of goods - who typically live in developing countries - are fairly compensated for their work. By doing so, these individuals are better able to build sustainable businesses that positively impact their local communities.

Multicultural Club Celebrates Fourth Annual Festival

The Albany Campus' fourth annual Multicultural Club Festival took place Friday in the gym. The event is a celebration of the diverse cultures and ethnicities that make up the College. Eight student organizations participated in this year's festival which included samplings of food from around the world, a fashion show featuring students modeling traditional clothing, and dance performances from on-campus groups as well as those from UAlbany and Siena College. 

ACPHS Says Goodbye Panthers, Hello Walloons!

Following a lengthy review process, the College has decided to change its nickname from Panthers to Walloons. For those unfamiliar with the city's history, the Walloons were the first settlers of Albany in 1624. Katie Bishop, ACPHS Director of Athletics and Recreation, was one of the members of the name change committee. She said, "Panthers is a nickname that has served us well, but let's be honest, the last time a panther was seen in Albany was the Paleozoic Era. We wanted a nickname that accurately reflects the region and its history, and now we have one." As part of the name change, the College will soon debut a new athletics logo, a red rooster posed majestically against a gold background. The image is identical to the one that once graced the Walloon flag and struck fear in the hearts of anyone who dared cross its path before the break of dawn. 

VT Scholarship Dinner Helps Connect Students and Donors

The Scholarship Dinner hosted last week in Burlington by the Office of Institutional Advancement gave Vermont students an opportunity to meet those individuals and families who help fund their scholarships (a similar event is held in the fall for Albany students). In addition to the scholarship recipients and donors, attendees included faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the Student Government Association. President Gozzo was also there to personally congratulate the scholarship recipients. Pictured above are: Corey Duteau '97, SGA member Sarah Kidd, SGA member Kathy Weekes-Plante, scholarship recipient Lyndsay Toth, and SGA member Somtochukwu Orakwue.

H.E.L.P. is on the Way

For the past four years, Assistant Professor Patty Baia and Assistant Dean Aimee Strang have offered a program for pharmacy educators called H.E.L.P. (Helping Educators Learn Pedagogy). The eight week online program provides concrete strategies and tactics to increase a faculty member's effectiveness in the classroom or lab. The program has grown steadily through the years, attracting faculty members from schools across the country, and just recently, the program received its first international registrant. This year's program begins June 2 and runs through July 28. For more information, visit the H.E.L.P. web site.

Fine Print

What do you think of the College's new nickname? Do you swoon for Walloons? Or do you believe Panther is still the answer? Tell us your thoughts at epulse@acphs.edu, and we'll share the results in next week's newsletter.