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March 25
SGA Meeting
OB 110 and VT 101
11 am
March 25
PCL 13, 11 am
March 25
ACCP General Meeting
SC 202, 11:45 am
March 27
OB Boardroom / VT 402
11:00 am
March 27
Rite Aid Lounge, 7 pm
March 28
LIB 307, 3:00 pm
March 28
5:30 pm, Gym
March 29
Track & Field
Hamilton Invitational
April 1
Rite Aid Lounge
April 12
SC 201/VT 114, 8 am
May 12 
Pharmacy Board Exam Review - ALB Campus
Part II (Law)
May 13-14
Pharmacy Board Exam Review - ALB Campus
Part III (Compounding)
May 17
1:00 pm
May 18
1:00 pm
May 19-20 
Pharmacy Board Exam Review - ALB Campus
March Madness is here, and for many, that means filling out an NCAA tournament bracket pool. The odds of winning one of these is so great that even an expert has modest expectations. But the sting of losing always feels worse when you get beat out by someone named MyLittlePony94. No, we're not bitter.

Master's in Molecular Biosciences is Newest Graduate Program

The College will offer a new master's degree program in Molecular Biosciences beginning in fall 2014. The two-year program will teach students how to conduct independent research aimed at better understanding the mechanisms underlying human health and disease. The program will culminate with the completion of an original research project and the publication of a thesis. Graduates of the program will be strong candidates for research-based positions with industry, government, or academia. They will be equally well prepared to continue their educations in Ph.D. or professional degree programs.

"Reflection Room" Named is Honor of James Anderson

Assistant Professor of Humanities and Communication Jim Anderson recently retired from the College after serving as a faculty member for 18 years. A former teacher of the year who taught courses ranging from Philosophy to Ethics, Jim was also well known for delivering the invocation and benediction each year at Commencement. In recognition of his many contributions to the College, the newly created "Reflection Room" (located in the Panther's Den) was named in his honor earlier this month. The plaque will read: "Dedicated to James Anderson, M.Div., who for 18 years as a faculty member of the College exemplified the virtues of kindness, compassion, and humility."

Amy Barton Pai Invited to Join Expert Kidney Disease Panel 

Associate Professor Amy Barton Pai has been invited to participate in an international conference organized by Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO). The conference, taking place March 27-30 in San Francisco, will bring together a global panel of clinical and scientific experts to identify key issues relevant to iron management in patients with chronic kidney disease (patients with kidney disease commonly suffer from iron deficiency). The recommendations stemming from the conference may ultimately lead to revised treatment guidelines for these patients or highlight areas for future research.

APhA Student Chapter Stays Active in the Community

The Albany chapter of the American Pharmacists Association (APhA-ASP) was particularly busy in the week leading up to the break. On March 5, members of the group's Generation Rx team gave a presentation on prescription drug abuse and its effects on the brain to five classes at Troy High School. Later in the week, the group's Operation Diabetes team (who was assisted by students from AMCP and SSHP) set up a table at Crossgates Mall. Over the course of the day, they conducted blood pressure screenings and performed diabetes/glucose monitoring on more than 60 patients.

Recent Events and Activities Land ACPHS in the News

The College has been the subject of a number of stories in the local media over the past few weeks. Stories have appeared on the Drugged Driving exhibit which was hosted in the Student Center, the March 11 Community Forum on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse, and the ACPHS Academy afterschool enrichment program. In addition, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Lauren Purington was an invited guest on an episode of the television program "Health Link" which focused on the various aspects of opioid addiction.

Fine Print

Warren Buffett made headlines when he said he would pay $1 billion to anyone who picked all 63 NCAA tournament games correctly. If he's so confident that he would fork out that kind of money, it got us thinking ... what else does he know that we don't? As it turns out, quite a bit. Then again, he's a billionaire investor, and we edit an electronic newsletter, so that answer should have been fairly obvious.