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October 7

Women's Soccer vs. Hudson Valley CC
4:15 pm
October 7 
Fellowship Information Session @ 5:30 pm
Room 204C (VT)
OB Boardroom (ALB)
October 8 
Fellowship Information Session @ 6:00 pm
Room 204C (VT)
OB Boardroom (ALB)

October 10
Men's Soccer vs. Hudson Valley CC
4:15 pm
October 10
International APPE Rotation Dinner
Rite Aid Lounge, 6 pm

October 14-15
Fall Break - No Classes 
October 20
Admissions Open House
9:30 am 


Sandy Rosa

Coordinator of
Experiential Education

Vermont Campus


Lindsey St. Clair

Registration Coordinator

Office of the Registrar


Bridget Scoville

Assistant Professor

Pharmacy Practice


See-Won Seo
Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice

With a tornado watch in effect for the Albany area today, this is most definitely not the time to be long-winded. So we're going to dispose of the jokes and storm through this week's five stories, making sure you have plenty of time to batten down the hatches and hunker down. Because if a tornado hits, the last thing you want is for your hatches to be unbattened or your hunker in the up position.
Know Your Pharmacists, Matt and Carson

In what sounds like something out of the Amazing Race, 88 ACPHS students boarded two chartered buses at 2 a.m. last Thursday bound for New York City. Their destination? The Today Show Plaza and an opportunity to promote October as American Pharmacists Month. Not only did they make their presence known to those in attendance and millions watching around the country, they also caught the attention of hosts Matt Lauer and Carson Daly who posed for this photograph. It's incredible how much more you can do when you don't go to sleep.


America "Counts" on the Help of ACPHS Student Tutors

At the beginning of the 2002-03 academic year, a small group of ACPHS students began providing tutoring services in reading and math through the America Reads/America Counts program. This federally funded program provides free reading assistance for students in pre-school through elementary school and free math assistance for students in elementary school through ninth grade. At that time the College first began providing tutors for the program, ACPHS students visited just three tutoring sites. Twelve years later, there are now 34 ACPHS students on the Albany and Vermont campuses assisting students at 13 different locations in the Capital District and the Colchester/Burlington area.


3 Questions With Asst. Professor Clayton English

Clayton English, Pharm.D., BCPP, is an Asst. Professor of Pharmacy Practice on the Vermont Campus whose specialty is psychopharmacology. Earlier this year he was named Pharmacist of the Year by the Vermont Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists. 


Prior to you joining the Dept. of Psychiatry at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, there was not a pharmacist on their health care team. Did that present any special challenges?

The key for anyone in a new role is that you have to bring something to the table. A critical part of my job is to outline the expectations for a given medication therapy on a particular patient. Once that framework is in place, complementary therapies can be identified to bridge any gaps.


What is it like for a student on rotation with you?

My students see both good and bad outcomes for people suffering from mental illness. It helps them gain a sense of empathy that they may not have had before and a better sense for how the medications work.


People tend to carelessly use terms such as "psycho" or "bipolar." Does that bother you?

I think people are understanding mental illness more - that the mind is not in a different class from the rest of the body. When you treat these patients, you're treating the whole person. Once people truly understand that, the stigma will go away.


To read the entire Q&A with Dr. English, please visit the ACPHS web site.


Peru Travel Course Explores Traditional Medicines

In our continuing series of global experience profiles, this week we look at the travel course to Peru. This 3-4 credit course was organized by Drs. Millington and Sandoval and included nearly four weeks of on-site work in Peru. Students Emily Yeo, Lauren Byrnes, George Oliva, and Hunter MacDonald traveled in Peru from June 28 to July 24 where they attended lectures on Ethnopharmacology and Traditional Medicine and met with Peruvian healers. Additional highlights of the trip included river boating into the Amazon rainforest, bio-prospecting for medicinal plants, and visiting Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Contact the ACPHS Office of Global Initiatives if you are interested in travel/study abroad opportunities.


Zach Hecox Sets All-Time ACPHS Goal Scoring Record

Senior Captain Zach Hecox recently made history for the men's soccer team by breaking the school's all-time goal scoring record. In a game against Vaughn College, Zach scored two goals, giving him 47 for his career, and breaking the previous record of 45 held by Brandon Schenk '09. The history-making achievement helped Zach earn national player of the week honors from the USCAA. It also marked the first time that an ACPHS men's soccer player had been named USCAA player of the week. Prior to Saturday's loss at Berkeley College, the men's team had won five games in a row by a combined score of 26-1. Their final home game is this Thursday at 4:15 pm vs. Hudson Valley Community College.

Fine Print 

Random thought: Five games into the season and the New York Giants have as many wins as the ACPHS football team. That's not good.