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April 16

Pharmacy Legislative Day
(Albany Campus)

April 18
Professional Runway Show
Gym, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

April 19-20

April 19
Relay for Life
(Vermont Campus)

April 21
Athletics Banquet
Cypress Shrine Center
5:00 pm 

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The ACPHS Office of Environmental Health and Safety reminds you that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Click here for additional information.

With today being the last day to file tax returnswe paraphrase the words of Benjamin Franklin in saying that three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and the e-Pulse. Compared to options A and B, we don't look so bad, do we? Plus, nobody ever went to jail for e-Pulse evasion. Well, not yet anyway.

They Came, They Walked, They Raised a lot of Money

Despite being forced indoors by the bad weather, the College's annual Relay for Life event was a great success on Friday (and Saturday), raising more than $40,000 for the American Cancer Society. Organized by the Colleges Against Cancer student organization, this year's event drew 36 teams and 432 registered participants from across the College community and beyond. Relay for Life is held overnight - typically from 6 pm to 6 am - to represent the fact that "cancer never sleeps." Members of the Vermont Campus will be participating in the University of Vermont's Relay for Life this Friday and Saturday in Burlington.

Associate Professor Tom Lodise Selected to Expert Panel

Associate Professor Tom Lodise is one of 11 experts from around the country who has been selected to revise the clinical guidelines for using the antibiotic Vancomycin to treat MRSA patients. The panelists, who were chosen by The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), include members of the Infectious Disease Society of America, Society of Infectious Disease Pharmacists, and the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society. The group will have their first meeting in June as part of the ASHP's summer meeting. The guidelines are expected to be finalized in a year.

Walgreens Executive Shares Details of New "Well Experience" Initiative

Nimesh Jhaveri, R.Ph., M.B.A., Executive Director of Pharmacy and Healthcare Experience for Walgreens, spoke at the College last week about the company's new "Well Experience." Jhaveri (pictured at left with Dean Dominelli) explained that Walgreens is piloting completely reimagined stores that move pharmacists out from behind the counter, thereby increasing the frequency and length of patient interactions. These pilot stores have also expanded their clinical services by hiring physicians and nurses, added healthy foods, and leveraged technology so that customers can order items online and pick them up at the store in as little as an hour. Visit the Walgreens web site to learn more about the Well Experience.

Ten Cytotechnology and CLS Students Receive Their White Coats 

Three members of the Cytechnology program and seven members of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) program received their white coats at a ceremony held Friday evening in the Student Center. Bhumika Bhalani, Michele Plowinske, and TaKarra Victor were recognized from the Cytotechnology program. Jonathon Ash, Kerri Burton, Nicholas Dresser, Brittney Mancinelli, Connor McDonald, Dorothy Sisto, and Anthony Tamburello represented the CLS program. As with Pharm.D. students, the white coat ceremony symbolizes the transition from a student to a professional.

Vermont Rho Chi Members Guide ACPHS Academy Students in the Lab

Last week the Vermont Campus chapter of Rho Chi hosted a demonstration where they introduced fourth grade students from the ACPHS Academy program to some laboratory instruments and techniques used by pharmacy students. As part of the session, the students compounded and labeled toothpaste to take home with them, and were even shown how to personalize the toothpaste with their favorite colors. The event was so well received that the students plan to do it again in the fall semester.

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