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April 10

iPad Users Group
LIB 307/VT 310, 1 pm

April 12
Relay for Life
(Albany Campus)

April 12
White Coat Ceremony
Student Center, 4:00 pm

April 13
Continuing Education:
Immunization Delivery

April 13
Dance Show 
(Albany Campus)
6:00 pm

April 16
Pharmacy Legislative Day
(Albany Campus)

April 19-20

April 19
Relay for Life
(Vermont Campus)

April 25
Town Hall Meeting on
Prescription Drug Abuse
OB 218, 6:30 pm
[Open to the Public]

April 27
Nat'l Prescription Drug Take-Back Day 

April 28
Continuing Education: Chronic Kidney Disease Pharmacy Practice Inst.

May 11
Continuing Education:
Barbara M. DiLascia Oncology Lecture Series 

May 18
Albany Campus (1 pm)

May 19
Vermont Campus (1 pm)

With just 20 days of classes remaining in the semester, there's no time to waste in this week's e-Pulse -- not that we have ever wasted anyone's time. So we'll dispense with the humor this week (some may feel that happened long ago) and get straight to today's news.
Angela Dominelli Named Dean of School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Angela Dominelli

Angela Dominelli, M.B.A, Ph.D., was named Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in an announcement last week. Dr. Dominelli, who had been Interim Dean since July 1, has served in both faculty and administrative roles at ACPHS since 2000. A member of the ACPHS Class of 1978, Dr. Dominelli has also worked in administrative capacities at a variety of health care organizations, including MVP Health Care and Electronic Data Systems (EDS). She continues to teach sections of Pharmacy Administration and the Profiles in Leadership elective.

Peer Tutoring Program Approved for Advanced Level Certification

The ACPHS Peer Tutoring Program has been approved by the College Reading and Learning Association to begin training tutors for Level 2 certification. Currently, all tutors receive six hours of training before they begin working with students. Most tutors choose to complete four more hours of instruction to receive Level 1 certification. To achieve Level 2 certification, tutors must do an additional 10 hours of training. Three tutors have already qualified for Level 2 certification - Wen Zhen Chen, Joseph Gottwald, and Eric Micelli - with more expected by the end of the semester.

State of Vermont Taps ACPHS for Help with New Hospital Pharmacy

In fall 2011, Hurricane Irene devastated a number of communities across Vermont. The storm also caused irreparable damage to the Vermont State Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Waterbury. The state is now in the process of rebuilding the hospital in Berlin (about 50 minutes from the Vermont Campus) and has reached out to ACPHS for assistance. Deans Dominelli and Hamilton, along with Director of Continuing Education David Kile, are meeting with members of the Vermont Department of Mental Health this week to offer their insights into the design and discuss needs for the new hospital's pharmacy.

PharmaDA$H Game Gets Makeover Thanks to ACPHS Innovation Grant

ACPHS students and faculty members created a board game in 2008 called PharmaDA$H to help explain the various steps for taking a drug candidate from the "bench to the bedside." In 2012, Associate Professors Andy Zheng and Gail Snitkoff received a grant through the College's Innovative Technology Initiatives program to refine the PharmaDA$H design and professionally produce new game boards. A design contest was held among ACPHS students, and P3 student Dawon Lee (right) was awarded the top prize. Students JinWan No (Best Artwork) and Allie Cichewicz (Best Game Scheme) were also recognized for their efforts. Watch out Monopoly!

APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes Team Talks to Area Schoolchildren

The APhA-ASP Operation Diabetes team recently attended the Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology (TOAST) Health Fair to teach elementary school students about diabetes. The ACPHS students explained the basics of diabetes including ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes. They also started a campaign encouraging the students to participate in healthy activities and had the students promise to promote healthy living through the "Hands in to Fight Diabetes" poster contract. 

Fine print

Our first-ever reader contest, which required picking the total number of points from Saturday's Final Four games, was one for the history books (the "history bar" is not particularly high at the e-Pulse). No one guessed the exact total of 257 points, though Sean Daly narrowly missed with a guess of 256. The next four closest were: Ryan Venter, Brian Tommarello, Zeb Fortune, and Jordan Frey. Winners may stop by OB 115 to claim your prizes. All other entrants will receive a free lifetime subscription to the e-Pulse. So, really, there are no losers.

Teeny Tiny Print
Last week's story about ACPHS building a football stadium in preparation for a move to Division I athletics was an April Fool's joke. There are no such plans in the works . . . for now ;-).